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anyone else STARTING (again) TODAY?


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Hi sascha

Yes I am starting today AGAIN too! :sigh:

I have just come back from a weeks hol & although I only gained 3 lbs during my week away I am now on the way up again! :sigh:

I am really going to try to get back into SS as I havent really managed for months.

Good luck & keep drinking the water! :tear_drop:

Good luck to you too! I know we can do it this time! what sort of day are you having so far? I've had a stressful day trying to get my tyre changed. spent an hour of it trying to find the bloomin garage!

Anyway - one litre drunk. one chocolate muffin and we're on the way!!! thinking about going to the gym for a session to atone for my sins from yesterday's bingefest!
hey il join you lot ,another week ss bring it on nothing else will pass these lips a part from water , coffee, coke zero and cd
good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx


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Sorry, but failed miserable yesterday again! :sigh::sigh::sigh:

So, Day 1 AGAIN today. Wish me luck!

I'm starting again today too! Had a very indulgent weekend and serves me right having been up all night hugging the toilet :wave_cry:. It's a pleasure to be back on CD today ... the thought of food is making me feel quite :sign0137: again. No doubt that water intake for me today won't be an issue. Just really wishing now that I hadn't eaten so many rich foods .... my own fault I know!

We can do this!!! Good luck - make it through today and you're one day closer.



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I know what you mean about eating after a really bad day, at the moment the thought of eating anything makes me feel quite yuk! :mad: It's a bit like having a hangover. Trouble is as the day progresses I then feel more like stuffing my face again & that's where the problems begins! :cool:

I have however just made my self a little weight loss chart on Excel plotting my weight loss if I could lose an average of 4 lbs each week (which I know is do-able :eek:). I would have lost my spare 42 lbs by 30 August which if you think about it will fly by.

I have printed off a copy of this chart to keep handy for those times when I want to throw in the towel & hopefully it will keep me motivated to stay on track.

Good Luck to you all.
Hi hun,

I'm restarting CD myself today. From experience I know how hard it is the 2nd time around.

Well done for your perserverance and losing that 42lbs. I must do one myself!


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day 1 again for me too


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Well it is 6.15pm on Day 1 ;)
2 Packs + 1 litre water gone (finding it hard to drink) :tear_drop:

Better than yesterday :D
drink more water chick .... you can do it. little sips often is the way to do it! If you gulp it down you'll feel rubbish and very full all in one go and then you can't get anymore in for ages .....

You've nearly done a whole day - me too! Feeling much better than this morning but still not right by any stretch of the imagination. Tommorrow is day 2 and we'll be one step closer to feeling better. C'mon stick with it xx
Hi Everbody!

Yes, I failed miserably yesterday too. Had a big fat baked potato with cheese and salad. yum.

Tried something a bit different today. As soon as I woke up - had a CD muffin. I think it helped in preventing the post-binge hunger pang I usually get.

Went to the gym - 1 litre down so far. another 2 to go....



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Well got through day 1 - which is a first recently! :p

Went to bed with a headache & have also woken up with one so drinking the water like mad. :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop:

I am off into the city with M-I-L today so shall find it quite easy not to be tempted. I am taking a bar (although I know I am not technically allowed them this week:confused:) but it will be better to have that at lunchtime than proper food, we usually lunch in M&S coffee shop & you know how calorie laden their goodies can be! ;)

Did jump on scales this morning (I know, I know, but couldnt resist it!) 3.6 lbs down :D:D:D so thats well on the way to my 4 LB a week target! I shall weigh in properly on Thursday as this has been my ''proper'' weigh-in day for years.

Hope everyone else who have just re-started have been doing well.

WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! :D ;) :eek: :rolleyes: :D ;) :eek: :rolleyes: :p

Day 1 down - way to go!!! I managed to stay on the wagon all day yesterday too! Such a sense of achievement. Let's make sure we make it a successful day two!! I'd make sure you have a bottle of water with you all day today - especially if you are out and about (ooo and all that walking will be a bonus for you too!). That way you are armed with your hunger pang fighting weapon if they hit!

C'mon hun let's stick with it .... BTW congrats on your loss so far!!


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Day 2 nearly over but I am sooooooooo hungry :sigh: but I do have 2 packs left for today so may have a mousse now & a shake for supper - have been thinking perhaps I should count points instead but I know it's only cos I am wanting to eat something! :cry:

Now going to lock myself in the bathroom to try to take my mind off eating :jelous:
Hey Hun,

I was counting points on WW and got soooo tired of losing 0.5 -1lb per week if I was lucky and sticking well within my points allowance. this really is the quickest and easiest way to get the weight off - just be strong and stick with it!!

Once you're in ketosis you won't feel hungry - don't give in now, you can't be far off it xx

Hope that locking self in bathroom helps, if you can try and get through these first few hard days, it will soon get better. Your brain is just trying to convince you to eat, don't listen. You chose CD for a reason, you can get through it, even if it means a hot bath, an early night or anything. I've had to go to bed at 8pm many a night to keep me from hitting the cupboards.

Good Luck xx


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day 2 almost over for me too, come on we can do it hun x
day 2 almost over for me too, come on we can do it hun x
Well done on your day 2 Kirsty :party0049:

I just noticed your ticker, you have already come a long way - you are doing brill.

Are you jumping on the scales each morning? Or is it just me? I've lost 7lbs in the last 2 days, so am delighted and hopefully that delight is what will get me focussed on getting through day three and hopefully in to the ketosis zone!

Keep it up!!

Hows everyone else doing?