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Anyone ever get p***ed off with peoples comments?


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Is it just me or do people ALWAYS have something to say or an opinion on this diet and the fact that you are doing it!All the way through people have told me their opinions and been quite blunt about what they think(when Im not asking for their approval)and now Im getting toward the end...people seem to think they have a right to tell you when you have lost enough weight/have to stop............ god it annoys me.Rant over:mad: But do other people experience this??
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I find people always have an opinion on EVERYTHING and have got to the point now where I don't tell people things so they don't have the opportunity to tell me what they think! Ignore them, if you are happy and comfortable (and you are doing very well) I find alot of people are jealous that you have the willpower and determination to do something and want to put you off!!! Keep going and well done you for your loss :)

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Here Here! People think its bad for you then its wow you look great! Then it gets to a point when everyone kept telling me you've lost too much and my BMI was only 26. Its is piss take but good on you for sticking to it and ranting about it is what we are all here for.:grouphugg::flamingmad::asskick::D


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OOOOh yes i had it two weeks ago "ooh shanny you look lovely but your wasting away now", rubbing my shoulders.

Ive been slim for a while now and i am still having people and friends going on and on. lool x


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I had the same problem with my best friend but when she saw how much I lost she decided to do Cambridge as well. Although I tend to not tell other people because I don't want to go into discussion with them. They always know better. :eek:


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Hmm, funny to have seen this today!
One of my colleagues told me today that 'enough is enough' and 'you are a well educated person, you should know that fads like this are not remotely healthy' and 'for god's sake eat something'.



This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Also should add - this colleague is a perfect size 10 and has probably never ever had the slightest worry about her weight.


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I have kept this diet my little secret (only my husband and parents know). I have mentioned the diet to some people at work and some how I didn't realise the had a degree in nutrition!!!
It really gets on my wick when people stick there nose in.
I'm worried about telling people for that reason.


This is the last time!!
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See, cos I work with little ones I decided to let my colleagues know as last time round I used to get faint spells if I overdid things or even if I stood up too fast, the last thing I need to do is pass out in front of the children, hence my need to tell my colleagues.


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I've only told Hubby and my Mum - its just not worth the hassle.
There will become a point when I guess i'll have to tell others and they'll get a right talking to if they have a go or tell me what to do. My life at the end of the day.
Well done on your loss - you've done so well!!!!

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...people seem to think they have a right to tell you when you have lost enough weight/have to stop............ god it annoys me.
I'm not doing the same diet and I won't even pretend that I know anything about the Cambridge diet, but this annoys me too.

Last week a work colleague said "I don't think you should lose much more weight because your face is going to get too thin."

Give me bloody strength :mad:
It's not like I'm a stick insect - I've still got 3 1/2 stone to lose!!!


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tell me about it! I have no idea why other people feel the need to comment on a decision I make about how I lose weight - firstly I don't know whether they think I'm stupid enough that I haven't fully checked it out and secondly they know that I have literally tried every other avenue available without any success.

I do try and keep in mind that they are saying it out of concern more than anything else - but my best one last week stretched that thought to its maximum when my friend told me she didn't want me to lose so much weight this time because it made me look older!

Firstly no it didn't and secondly I was still 2 stone overweight when I stopped last time and a size 14 so its not like I went down to a size 0 anorexic for crying out loud. Plus why would they not want me to lose the weight if only for my health??? If I don't lose it I can remain eternally youthful looking by dying of heart disease nice and young lol I know she cares about me but telling me I shouldn't get to a healthy weight because I will look too old I thought was priceless hahahahaha


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Come and have a go if you think you are hard enough!!!

I honestly believe that a lot of people envy your resolve to be so committed to a goal.
For me, if i could lose weight folowing WW or Slimming World then i would. I battle with an underactive thyroid and PCOS. The odds are stacked against me. I know this plan works.
I have a 14lb yoyo. I lose it and then it creeps back on, No I don't pig out in between , its just an ongoing battle getting the thyroid treatment right. I never let my weight go beyond the 14lb buffer mark, for me that is the time that the depression kicks in.
I have decided not to tell anyone i am doing this again, because i cannot be arsed with their opinions. At lunch i go back to my car and make my shake, relax , listen to the radio.
I have noticed how defensive i am about doing this. Why?

Next time someone says that the Cambridge Diet is not healthy , i'll just say , and neither is being 2 stone overweight!


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I have not got that far yet, but I know people are going to comment.
It was like our family, each time I got pregnant they would say "this is the last one, right?"


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i would get a lot of comments of a work colleague right from the start, now im 4 and a half stone lighter shes asked for the details on the diet plans hahahahahhaha, tables have turned now :)


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Its my 1st day and I have told my colleagues all about it..Altogether they think Im very brave (or mad lol) but this is before my weight has yet to come off, maybe they wont be so positve when I start to appear slimmer, Ill keep you all posted :)


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I have kept the CD to myself because I didn't want anyone trying to put me off. I believe if I had told them then I wouldn't have got this far. Don't worry love they are just jealous. xx


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I have all this to look forward too, all my friends from work just keep being negative saying that on a vlcd you just end up putting it all back on when finished!! well I have done that with every diet I have been on lol
It's a case of horses for courses, what works for someone doesnt work for another. I don't like the idea of putting someone "on" a diet because by definition it means at some point they will come "off" the diet whereas it should be a lifelong healthy lifestyle plan.