Anyone for exercise?


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OK so it's a new year and we've all squared up to sticking to the plan. Now how about we commit to some exercise to speed things along?
It doesn't have to be a chore, just aim for what you feel is achievable.Who knows? It may become a habit!

I shall aim to do 30 mins 4 times a week on my Wii.
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Good luck judimac! I've just got a hold of lots of workout DVDs so I'm going to aim to do (or atleast try...) one 4-5 days a week! :)

maxine uk

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im with you ive just done 30 minutes on EA wii thingy what ever it was called it was flipping hard work then i guess it is surpose to be :D


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I vow to stick to 55 minutes of aquafit a week.. and to swim atleast once a week and do atleast 20 lengths ( i know thats nothing, but i ahve asthma so its difficult lol )
and if i dont manage a swim due to anything, i will make sure i go out of my way to do some other form of exercise! x


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I was bought a wii fit for xmas and still finding my way round it! But will def be trying to do 30 mins 3 or 4 times a week. We have had so much fun on it already!

Cant wait till Dana goes back to school so i can have a go!! Does anyone have any recommendations on which of the games or workouts are the best?? I have the wii fit plus game.

Thanks and happy new year!!! Here to the wii fit!!


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G.Luck :)
I have a wii fit and i can do 30 mins everyday for 2 weeks and not loose any weight, i think its jogging all the way for me.
Exercise im doing atm:
Wearing 1lb weights on each foot all day [ medium-activity ]
30 squats,30 star jumps,20 squatting lunges,1400 steps on a stepper,wii fit [activity games only] for 30 mins.

Devon Dolce

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Great post! I'm going to try and bounce my inches off and will use my trampoline 4 times a week for at least 20 mins! I've also just ordered The Biggest Loser for the Wii (which I'll need to dust off!) xxx


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I have taken up walking and go on 4 mile walks about 3 x a week and smaller walks in between. I do get bored of DVD's very quick, soI know thats not for me.

I want to join a gym as I can get a great deal of 66 pound a year. Its not a flashy gym just a local community one, but has everything a top gym would have, but I feel, at 19 stone a litttle akward and embarrassed about going :eek:

Probably stick with walking for now.


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well im going to try and to my keep fit dvd twice a week, squash once a week and get back into my walking, more so with my pram, you can get a right good pace when your pushing a pram x


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Good thread Judi. Would rep, but I can't...must spread the love.

I am so into the exercise this year. Will make the difference to me, I think. I will be doing at least 2 wii fit sessions a week, plus one run and as may walks at lunchtimes as work permits!


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till i have had my knee done i cann't do much at all but I will be sitting in the areana cheering you all on. I shall be aiming to do some walking later in the year when knee has been opperated on and is better. Good luck to you all.

maxine uk

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another 30 minutes done on EA yesterday,
im on week 4 of my platinum body magic award so thats giving me an extra push :)
take care with the knees and ankles though, i have a small splinter of "floating" bone in my ankle which sometimes gives my pain, i was run over on a zebra crossing just over 5 years ago and the old guy who was driving ran over my ankle as i was laying on the floor i also had a really complicated wrist injury right ankle left wrist which made balancing and crutches interesting to use :eek:


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i bought myself an exersize from Asda yesterday, ( £5 quid, a bargain i thought) and i did my first session on it today, managed 5k in 11mins although i had very little resistence on it, but i have gotten so out of shape it was all i could manage. I figured at least its a start. Whacked on my headphones and listened to some motivational audio stuff at the same time. Am determined to do that every day. Would love to do some running but I am so self consious about being seen out doing that and dont really fancy running in the dark when no one can see me :)
So damn embarressed about how unfit I am, before kids i used to go tot he gym at least 4 times a week and do martial arts .. now i am out of breath going up the stairs! The only bonus is I have good muscle memory so it doesnt take long for me to get back into half decent shape. Am also going to get my old Callenetics videos out because they REALLY work at pulling everything back to where it should be! :)