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Anyone gone from CD to rosemary conley?

Has anyone come of the cambridge diet after a significant loss and gone on to the rosemary conley diet? I've lost 4 stone nearly so far and always said that after 3 i would do rc. I'm wondering if once i start to eat again even on the rosemary conley diet, will i put weight on at first. I'm hoping to come off cd in a few weeks ready for my birthday and just wanted some advice really.
Lisa x;)
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Thanks for the best wishes ;-) I'm just getting to the stage where i have had enough of shakes and soups and want to start incorporating 'normal' food back in but don't want to move up the plans on cd. I think i'm being a bit hard on myself as i have lost nearly 4 stone but my stomach just seems to be the same size its always been lol. I feel more confident and most definately i'm more healthy and i want to exercise at the gym too without feeling faint every time i exert myself. I guess i just want to start being normal again. Although i probably have 2 stone left lto lose its a far cry away from 6 and i think i'm nearly ready for a more gradual weight loss. I just don't want to put loads on in trhe first week at rc!!! Good luck with your weightloss journey too. I will be forever thankful to cd for helping me lose alot of weight i never thought i could in a small amount of time but nows the time to learn HOW to eat and exercise effectively. Wow i waffle pmsl
Lisa x
Hi Lisa i am sooooooooooooo grateful to CD too hahaha i lost 2 stone and choose not to keep paying for the shakes to maintain decided to go to ww and maintain that way.!

Ive on this before from cd to ww twice now and only gained 1 pound since May. I know i will never be 14 stone again and a size 16.So when it comes to food i weigh everything small positions and dont snack anymore. I have re programmed myself with food now.Because i love my slim body and want to treat my body propley now.

So thanx to cd i am the weight i am now i had wi today at ww and STS so still going well. I know many people regain their weight they lost but i sure wont.

Everyone is different are'nt they i plan to stay with ww for a long time now.! I have never done R.C but all of the diet plans work which u choose to go with.

I think it's all about how u want to live your life im finished now the days of feeling fat, looking fat and crying about my weight.!

Im happy and love myself more and will never give that up for anyone. hahaha so well done to yourself for loosing 4 stone on cd that's a big achievement chick.! I hope you choose the right plan asap and get that steady weight loss you want.!


I got fed up of the shakes also hahaha plus coming up to christmas i needed to re introduce health foods again.
Thats the thing i was worried about. Doing cd until christmas week and then coming off it would have just been a disaster but i think if i choose to go to RC a month before christmas at least then i know how i'm going and how to eat healthily and portion control what i eat. I know that i will neva be massively overweight again, like you say being slim makes you happy and it gives you your confidence back. I did RC before as you get an hours exercise with it and they don't charge you for the weeks you don't go. Like you say though any eating healthy diet is going to help you maintain ;-O)
I can't wait now, 4 weeks and counting but if i get to 12 stone before that i'm off to asda to stock up on my fish and chicken haha

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