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anyone got a clue about vacuum cleaners?


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cos I don't lol

Ok well I have had a dyson cleaner for about 8 years. The main part still works but when I try to get the hose thing out to clean the stairs it's pathetic and doesnt pick anything up. the tools don't stay in it any more and the end of the hosey bit has come off so doesnt stay on the rest of it.

I'm just wondering if its worthwhile getting it fixed or whether after 8 years I might as well just buy a new one? can't afford a new dyson though so would be a cheap one.

I'm just thinking that with the cleaners being so expensive from dyson then getting it repaired might be expensive too. Anyone got any idea? since its sunday I can't imagine anywhere being open to ask, and I havent a clue where to ask about it anyway.
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This happened to mine, the hose bit just didn't work at all. I had lost a u shaped piece at the bottom of the cleaner - turn it upside down and see if yours is still there.... it's tubular coloured u shape.

Don't know why the tools don't fit anymore though....


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I have a robotic one, cos I hate the noise of vacuums.

I put it on when I go out and put it away when I get back :)
Hi Kati

Last time I looked dyson would visit and fix your cleaner for a fixed £80 whatever needs replacing. Pretty good value!

That was probably about 2 years ago though but definitely worth getting it checked out before buying another one.

Dizzy x
maybe I should do that. There isnt a u shaped part available for my cleaner I must have a different model. I do think I would need a new hose and wand which would cost £45 and I suppose if someone from dyson came out they could check theres nothing else wrong with it. didnt see anything to say if they charge a shipping fee or not
I love mine. Okay..it doesn't do stairs so you do need a normal vacuum aswell, but DH just gets that out sometimes to whip over that.

I saw a good tip for stairs on anthea turners perfect housewife programme. I've been using it for my stairs since mine wont work on them.

anyway you put on a rubber glove and just rub at the carpet and all the fluff and everything comes off. Just start at the top and work your way down then it all falls to where your cleaner can get to it. So if you can be bothered to do that then you dont need a second vacuum cleaner just for the stairs :) If you cant be bothered then you do of course lol. But it does work very well anyway.

I had to google robot vacuums and they do look great would save loads of time but how do they cope around tables and chairs? do they go underneath or miss the underneath out?


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I had to google robot vacuums and they do look great would save loads of time but how do they cope around tables and chairs? do they go underneath or miss the underneath out?
It copes fine :) It's only about 3 inches high, so gets under tables well. Chairs you might need to move out of the way like you would with any cleaner.

I put it on each day, sometimes I move a chair or two before I go out, sometimes I don't. DH gives the whole place a good going over every couple of weeks when I'm out with the normal vac, but I wouldn't want to go back to using one of them regularly.

I have a Roomba, which uses the same technology as the robot that finds landmines:eek:
those robots sound fantastic I want one!!!

I've found one for £79.99 wonder if that would be any good.

My dog barks at mine so it would be fantastic to be able to put it on while I take him out for a walk and come home and have it all done bark free.

I will have to investigate more!
lol I just noticed all of the adverts at the bottom of this page are about dyson stuff, how clever. they must look for key words in a thread and advertise around those. I've never noticed before.

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