Anyone got a treadmill ???


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I have just been having a look at them (instead of working :D )... and there are such a baffling aray of them for sale...from low prices to megga bucks. :eek:

Just wondering if anyone has got one ?? what type etc? what you recommend which features it should have ?? etc etc.

Are they a good piece of exercise equipment to have ??

I have a stepper and enjoy it but wondering if its time to up to something better!!

Cheers xx
I've got one ... bought it second-hand. It's not a motorised one and I'm not very struck on it. In fact, it's folded up in the conservatory and I'm going to be donating it to the local charity shop.

I have a lateral thigh trainer which feels 'great' to use but I don't use it consistantly - in short, I'm crap at home exercising!! lol

Good luck with what you choose but as far as treadmills are concerned, I think the cheaper non-motorised ones are not as good as the posh ones ... I'd be more inclined to go for an elliptical cross trainer myself.
There ya go Deb ... a recommendation if ever I heard one!

They exercise both top and bottom AND have less impact on your joints ... you sort of 'run' without jolting and that ski-ing action with the arms is fun!

Going on the cross trainers at the gym is the nearest thing I get to running (and I can use them without requiring a Tena lady!!)
LOL Debbie, you just beat me to it.!!

2 recommendations for a cross trainer. :D Having a look at those now :) , again there are so many different ones & prices.

I like the fact they are not so big as a treadmill, and some have a seat so its a bit like a bike too. Or to have a rest. :D :D .

I think stashing one of those in the bedroom is not going to be as imposing or noisy as a treadmill. Hubby was talking about banishing the treadmill to the summerhouse if i had one of those... and I know if it gets put in there... I will be less inclined to use it. In the bedroom is ideal... as can collapse on the bed when 'cream crackered'. :D :D :D :D :D . Plus watch the telly too. :)

Thanks again Debbie, and Jack...great sensible advise. Its what I love about this forum, eveyone is so helpful.


Deb x
I haven't got a treadmill, mainly because of space but due mainly to the fact that I probably wouldn't use it after the initial delivery.

However, I have taken delivery of a rebounder this week, and have been on that daily. On doing some research into these, I came across quite a few websites that recommend rebounding exercises to get your lymphatic system in tip top form. NOW.... this really excited me for as some of you know I have had lymphatic cancer 5 times over the past 8 years, and if this can help clean up the lymph fluid as well as tone me up a bit, then it can only be a good thing. I am in no way saying it will prevent my cancer recurring again, but anything I can do to help it along must be a good thing:)

I think the best thing would be to research into the benefits of what each piece of equipment can give you, and relate it to your own personal needs. (Which might not necessarily be what the manufacturers want you to do, but you need to get appropriate equipment!)
I used to have an eliptical cross trainer but dh gave it away, so now he has ordered 1 from argos for about £90 it takes up to 23st so ideal for me lol......though I am not that heavy any more.
I prefer this to treadmills much better for your joints than running.
Eliptical trainers work more muscles than a treadmill, if you look in argos book it shows you where each piece of equipment works your body.