Anyone got a valentines day goal?


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Mine is to lose this last 10lb for then. Doesn't really seem like alot, but have been really struggling to stick to cd religiously. So I don't really want to put on too much pressure.

Anyone else have any goals for 14th feb?

Good luck to all starters & re starters. x
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Hi I've got 24lbs to lose til I get to target, I'd love to lose that by Valentine's day, I'm not convinced I can do it, but I'm determined to try my hardest to get there.


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I'd like to be at target by then too :) I think I can be, but... you never know ;-)



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I'd lke to be at target by then too, I'm 5 lbs away from original goal, but have given myself a new goal of 9 st 5 lbs so I've 14 lbs to lose.


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I would like to lose 28 lbs by then but I would be thrilled with 21lbs

Good luck everyone



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I too would love to lose 28lbs by Valentines Day. That would be fab!! Dunno whether I will though but will stick to CD 100%.


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I'm on day three, can I join in too? I would like to say 20 lbs by then, good thread xx


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I'll pick 18lbs, 6 weeks and one day to go from tomorrow.:)


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Heya, I'd like to be at my goal of 10.7 by then :) xxx


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ohhh i think my goal will be to get to 14 stone, so 23lb, hopefully i will do it!


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I would like to be in the 9s by then.

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Hi 21lbs goal for me, can I join in please x