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Anyone got around a stone to loose in total?

I'm just wondering if anyone else is doing sw to loose only a small ish amount in total rather then a big loss? I started at 11 stone 5 lb and my target is 10 stone 5lb. So far I lost 3lb in week 1 and sts in week 2.

I'm guessing the weight will come off fairly slowly, but would love to share my experience with others in a similar boat. I can see it being disheartening when others are loosing 4+lb a weeks, and I'm only loosing 1lb or sts!

Also any tips are very welcome!
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I've got just under 2 stone to loose. Only done one week so far and lost 2.6lbs. I know I won't have the big losses others have but a loss is a loss.

I've found I'm eating much healthier now and also making sure I have my hex a and b and as many of my syns as possible.

Start a food diary if you haven't already, really helps to see how you're doing x
Hi littleone! Yes, have started a food diary on here this week where I'm recording everything so I can look back and good and bad weeks!

It took me some time to realise I needed my hex's and some syns, but I've seemingly got my head around that now! Also I've quickly learned that too much egg in my diet makes me bloated and I feel a bit sicky and that if I use my hex b for breakfast, I find my day harder to stay on track! So my fave breakfast AYM is fruit and yogurt :)

2.6 is a good start for sure! I've just ordered some digital scales to weigh myself more accurately ( was using my Wii fit!!!).

Do you have a food diary on here? X
I use half my hex b in the morning then I have a little wiggle room for some later in the day. Or if I use all my hexb for breakfast then I may have a 50/50 sandwich thin for lunch and syn it.

Yeah I do have a diary going. Only have a weeks worth on it so far as I've just started.
Haha! I thought I recognised your user name! I'll have a look for your food diary too...we might give each other some ideas!
Yes, me! I'm down to my last stone to lose but it seems to be taking forever, I think it's almost like a mental block that I can never get down into the 9's :-(
Yes, me! I'm down to my last stone to lose but it seems to be taking forever, I think it's almost like a mental block that I can never get down into the 9's :-(
I have a feeling it's gonna take me forever to loose my weight! I just can't wait til I get to 1/2 a stone!

I'm at target now, but lost 16lb to get there which in comparison to some is a small amount. It took me 12mths to get to target, I just love wine & chocs too much, anyhow I've been at target a few years, have the odd blip but overall stay within my target weight.
That's great that you've managed to stay at target for so long! Do you still follow easy extra in the same way now you're at target?
Yes, me! I'm down to my last stone to lose but it seems to be taking forever, I think it's almost like a mental block that I can never get down into the 9's :-(
This is me im sitting at 10st 1lb for a while never manged to get the scales to say 9st anything giving it a big push these next two weeks so heres hopeing. But when i was 13st 5years ago lossing 2lb was easy i dint even stiick 100% to plan, Not now though iv got to be on plan 110% to get the 2lb loss if im lucky!
I have just under a stone to lose and I have been here before and in my experience it always takes me forever to lose weight! In 3 weeks i have lost 2.5lbs! But I dobt always help myself as I sometimes go over my syns! Also I could do with doing more exercise. You will do it though and you'll probably do it quicker than me as I am rubbish at sticking to it 100%
I don't blame you Happy holidays, and as long as you stay around your target weight, who cares?!!

Amelia Jane, I can't wait either! After my first she breastfeed A LOT and I could eat what I wanted as was still loosing weight...this time it's so much harder!

And MummyJoJo, I never get time to exercise enough! Into horse riding once a week, which is exercise but not the type to burn LOADS of calories and I've just started pilates to help my coccydynia, and pilates is definitely not a sweaty, calorie burning activity!!!
I started at just under 10 stone and my target is 8st 10lbs.
I've lost 10lbs so far so steady and nice for me. But it is work some weeks.
I try and have different recipes and mix up my HealthyExtras and syns to keep things moving.
I've also swapped tea and coffee for fruit teas which I now love and I've even bought a tea chest for them all lol xxx

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Hi I guess it just comes off slower when you have less to lose. It can be really disheartening I know but just stick in. My mental block has always been 10.3 at that weight I am size 10 in a dress but not jeans :rolleyes: so I become all confident and leave group. I think it usually happens because I plateau at that weight so I tend to give up because I feel good at that weight but it's still too heavy for me . I am trying my best this time to just stick with it and get into the 9's. It will be quite weird as I have never been below 10.3 so I don't know what my target weight will be or where I will be happy at. ( hope that makes sense)
I'm not 100% sure what my target is...I started at 11.8 (on my old scales), and am now 11.2 (on my new scales, but 11 on my old ones). At my lightest I was 10.5 (again on my old scales) so was aiming for that, but might go a bit lighter if I feel I need to once get there!

I'm 5'8" btw

I started last Tuesday weighing in at 11st 6lbs, would love to get to 10st so count me in, will keep you posted good luck.

I am 5' nothing.
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Welcome Inky! Hope you have a good first week!

I just had a cheeky mid-week weigh in...2lb off so far :)

So my progress is:

Week 1 -3lb
Week 2 sts
Week 3 -5lb
Week 4 -2lb so far (although I realise it may not go down anymore)
Hi All,

I also had about a stone to lose...

Did slimming world end of 2013 and got from 10' to 9' in 8 weeks...

I then went off plan and managed to keep most of that off through 2014 until after xmas when i got on the scales and weighed in at 9'11.. was gutted as didnt want to be back to my starting weight..

I started again 5th Jan following EE but not going to group and I am down to 9'4 so have lost 7.5 pounds since then. My goal weight is 8'7 and the losses have slowed down last two weeks and its hard to stay motivated but determined to get to target this time!

I am 5'4 by the way

Layla x

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