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anyone got the munchies...?

I have!
I even got up at 4am to have some bread and marmite and I never do that, I'm usually not interested in food til mid morning, but at the mo I want salty things and lots of carbs...I eat breakfast and i am starting to eat my pack lunch an hour later, never felt so hungry in all my life!! since last week I can't stop eating:17729:.

I am assuming it is my pesky hormones!:rolleyes:
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hi Angie, great to see you ((hugs)).
Have you had your 20 week scan? Will be great to catch up.
I've had real hunger from rising till lunchtime to be honest.. still hasn't gone but I'm trying to ignore it as much as possible or snack on fruit. Water sometimes helps too, just to extend the times etc.

I'm not sure if the salt craving is 'anything' but might be worth asking your MW though I've been eating more crisps and curry than ever before in my life I think! lol


My husband = My hero
I am peckish all the time now, which is a nice change from having to force feed for the last 6 weeks!!

Cant stand anything sweet though first thing, actually til about tea time... only savoury things, mostly corned beef hash and cottage pie haha

Glad your feeeling hungry though, Baby must be peckish! xxxx


My husband = My hero
I has cottage pie an beans for tea las night it was amazing hahah

Kirst i know, its flying from when i found out at 4 little weeks haha

i keep looking at urs, cos urs seems to be flying, an by concentratin on u chick i dont notice my own weeks flying :) xxx

having another scan on tuesday cant wait to se emy little bean again!!! xx

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