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Anyone had a break....


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.. and managed to get back on to SS OK? I've read loads on here that people have found it difficult.

I'm away in Bournemouth in 2 weeks and I won't be able to stick to the diet, it's for a conference and it's all about socialising outside of conference.
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Unfortunately not me.

I've had many breaks from the diet and its always a struggle to get back on it properly.

For me the hardest thing about this diet is the social aspect of it. I find it really hard to go out and not eat/drink the same as everyone else.



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I've found it really really hard to get back on track, I'll manage it for a few days, and then start eating crap! The first time on CD is the golden time! I'm having another re-start tomorrow, but my husbands cousin is starting tomorrow too, so hopefully that'll be a bit of motivation I need (as if being a heffa isn't motivation enough!)

I guess you just have to be really strong when you get back. Don't use the conference as an excuse to binge though!
I'm off on holiday in a week's time and I'm dreading it. My OH will be wolfing down all the lovely food on offer and I will have to try and figure out a way of mixing my shakes up in our hotel room. My CDC said that she would formulate a plan for me whilst I'm on hol but I really don't want my weight loss to suffer.. alex


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ive been off CD now since March and IAM getting back to my shakes on monday :D so good luck hun im sure you can do it x
unfortunately I can't help with better news either..I have been struggeling severely for a while now. Sticking with it, have found a way to get through the day with a few crutches...
It is hard and unless someone comes along and tells me otherwise I would say try and stay on it. It might make socialising a bit awkward (sp?) right now but imagine the socialising you will be doing when you're at goal...

take care



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After my holiday, where I totally pigged out, I've got back onto ss but the urge to eat is deafinately stronger than it was when I started ss last time (first time).
I've now made the decision to do ss+ so it gives me the chance to eat still without over doing it. I've been doing that for a week now and it seems to help a lot.
Mind you everyone is different so all I can really recommend to you is give it a go when you come back and see how it goes. Just try to make sure that you stick to the CD plans rather than suddenly pigging out then feeling terrible for doing it. There is nothing wrond with moving up a plan if that's what you need to do to get to where you want to be (if that makes sence!).


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Ooh! It's really hard to get back on again, so I wouldn't advise it. Perhaps SS+ could work, at least that way you can still eat.

I am going away for a long weekend in July and have the full blown summer holiday in August and have no idea how I am going to cope on either. I'll probably change plans and just stay away from all those nasty carbs at least that way I can stay in ketosis even if I don't lose weight.

It's tricky, but it's worth it :)
Good luck with whatever you decide.


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It's very very hard getting back to SSing. I went to Egypt last week, tried to get back on the wagon yesterday and failed, and have failed again today :(


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