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Anyone here eat quorn?

Hi all

I terribly miss my pork chops, sausages etc at times and have been considering eating quorn..a friend said it tastes fine.

However while googling it
i found a bunch of horror stories about it making people really ill... when i looked into it more deeply though it seems the main people claiming there are safety issues with it (cspi) have financial links to a competitor of quorn...so now im a tad confused ;)

So i was just wondering if any of you eat it?. It seems a fab source of protein and would be a way to get my sausage fix etc..

If you have tried it, have you had any bad tums etc as a result?

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I love quorn, i usually cook it in a sauce as can dry out. Try the sausages as part of a stew type dish to keep them moist. I use the chicken style pieces with pasta or rice to help bulk it out.


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its the main thing in my diet, i havent had any stomach problems from it at all.

ive had more stomach upsets from meat that a veggie substitue
I've been eating Quorn for nine years, and this is the first I've heard of anyone having trouble with it!


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My husband is a vegetarian so we eat a loss of meat free. To be honest the only quorn we eat are the chicken peices because ASDA's MEAT FREE range is a lot better than the quorn stuff. The Asda meat free meatballs are lush! I must admit though we saw the bad press about quorn and realised it gave my husband or a lot or headaches, or so we think as since he's cut it down he's been a lot better.
It makes me ill I'm well allergic to it which is strange as I can eat mushrooms till the cows come home
just can't touch quorn you will know if you are allergic however as an hour after eating the stomach cramps set in
Love quorn although the bacon is revolting! And as above said, best with sauce. Mince is fab my boyfriend took it to work and they thought it was real and their Blokey blokes lol! Very high in protein so keeps you fuller for longer! Is pricey to :) x
Hey all thanks for the responses.

I gave it a try (sausages, mince and the roast) and had no problems here, have to say though i always find it astonishing that a fungus is more expensive than real meat!


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I'm ok with it but it makes my hubby really ill about 50% of the time. Given up now - apparently some people sensitive
I <3 quorn tastes nice and low in fat xox
Well ive tried most their products now, and ive not had a reaction to any of it.

I guess its just like soya etc in that some people are allergic.

Unfortunatly, my partner hates it, i did a bolognese with the mince...and she left the lot ;)


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I've been using a lot of quorn lately, and I'm pretty fond of it. I'm not a vegetarian, but I've cut out red meat from my diet and I like to know that any meat I do eat is humanely brought up and slaughtered. Meat like that is pretty expensive, and quorn actually works out a bit cheaper. Asda's meat free stuff is pretty good too, but another thing I watch out for if additives and I find that quorn usually has less of them. Never had a reaction or known anyone that reacted badly to it, but its just the same as people who have a nut allergy really.
Yeah, eat it all the time, I didn't know it had any and press. I'll check it out, but I've always been fine. ITs a good way to get protein and so easy to cook with x

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