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anyone lowered their target weight?

I'm now 2lb from target weight :bliss:

I'm finding it hard to comprehend that there's a chance I could reach target this coming week? like it's almost too good to be true?

So i'm now thinking maybe I should lower my target weight? My target weight 9st 5lb is the weight i got down to when i got married 8 years ago. I'd always been a chubby girl and lost 3 stones for my big day. I went from a size 18 to a size 10.

One of my work colleagues said i don't look as small as i did on my wedding photos 8 years ago (i was a size 10 but am a small size 12 now), which makes me think there's scope for more weight loss?

What i think i'm trying to say is that i think I want to try to lose more than another 2lb before going onto conso.

has anyone else felt their target weight needed to be lowered once they reached it?
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You'll probably lose a few more in conso anyway as people seem to! My goal is 130 but my ultimate goal is 128/126 which I assume I'll reach at some point while in conso x Well done Curvy, you've done wonderfully well and you look fantastic in your new photo!
i wonder if i should carry on cruising until i stall, then move onto conso?

my bmi will still be within healthy range if i went below my current target. I see a lot of ladies' stats show that their target weight would take them to the lower end of the healthy bmi range?
I am very confused about this myself, some days I am feeling I did fine and a few more kilos will be enough, others I feel 3 more kg won't change anything and I will still look fat.. :(

I decided to do exactly what you have in mind, I believe my body will tell me to stop somewhere and i will listen to that.. even if it is before my goal weight..

you look great by the way:)
I am no expert but I would lower a little if I were you. Maybe loose an extra 2lbs (if you can hang on in cruise) before going to conso just in case... Having said that, I would looooooooove to go into conso tomorrow and have a bit of bread and fruit!!! Good luck!
i think if i'm honest with myself, I'm actually a little worried about going into conso - worried I'm going to put all the weight back on as soon as carbs pass my lips...

bit silly really...:sigh:
I'm confused about target weight too. It seems the number he gives me for my true weight on the website depends on what value I put in the box "what weight do you want to weigh?" - the answer to that which I don't know because I've never weighed this little before!

I'm very nearly at consolidation so I'll plod on until I reach the goal in my stats - which gives me a very healthy BMI I think.

Curvy I think I agree with you our bodies will settle naturally at what they are happy with.
Ally, when I put my info, they gave me a prgram according to the weight I want, but they mentioned it is a bit higher than my true weight.. so I lowered a bit, again it was higher.. I lowered it again, and they said it is slightly lower , so I went with it.. As far as I remember they don't give you the figure, you have to try and see..
i think if i'm honest with myself, I'm actually a little worried about going into conso - worried I'm going to put all the weight back on as soon as carbs pass my lips...

bit silly really...:sigh:
It's not silly at all, we ALL go through that fear that when we are going to eat certain things again we will put all the weight back or at least some.

I am nearly done with Conso ( 7 more days ) then is Stabilisation for me. I can tell you that after a couple of weeks in Conso, doing it to the letter, I went on holiday and fell off the wagon big time. When I came back home and had the courage to step on the scale nothing had changed... I had like a pound more which went straight away.

I am now a kilo below target and have been stable at this weight for a month now.:)

Some of the ladies here have lost a bit more while in Conso. Don't be nervous. Little by little re introduce your foods and enjoy the consolidation phase... it was very good to be able to have cheese and bread and a dessert once a week, and also a glass of wine when the occasion called for it;)

I will still stick to a healthier eating pattern for sure but what Stabilisation means for me is I can relax a bit more if I get a craving and not think its not my gala meal. But will continue with the goodness of the program... I have developed a new found love for veggies I did not know I had:p

Good luck in Conso!
thanks for your replies girls. :)

My problem is that I'm an all or nothing kind of girl, I can follow a strict diet (cruise) to the letter but as soon as the lines become blurred (conso) I tend to overdo it and binge.

So I've slept on it and decided that, yes, I will listen to my body and continue to cruise until I stagnate, then go onto conso.

Or move onto conso if i get fed up of so many PP days (which looks a possibility as yesterday I couldn't face any more meat, so ate just fish)
Curvy, I just thought of something..
Since you exercise a lot, you should have less fat in your body than most.. My goal BMi might be less than yours but my fat weight will be a lot more than yours for sure when we reach goal...
BMI really isn't the only thing to consider here.. I think you are doing the right thing by listening to your body, I am sure it will resist once you reach a risky ratio, we are programmed to survive so must have a bit of fat stored all times.
that's a really good point - the thought had never even crossed my mind.

my current stats (taken this morning)

body fat - 29.3%
muscle mass -32.7%
body water - 51.8%
visceral fat - 7

I don't know why the percentages don't add up to 100% - i presume it's because muscle and fat has water content also and counted more than once?
nice one Elida, that explains it well.

Whilst looking at the website I thought i'd ask Hubster which of the female BMI shapes I look most like, knowing he would be honest (he is always brutally honest with me)

he said my bodyshape was btwn #2 and #3, but more towards #2 - which to me indicates a true BMI of around 20 -

..so thank you for that link - it's made me feel tonnes better x
This is very interesting and Elida thank you for sharing that website.

I entered my details and it is showing me at a BMI of 26. My stats on this site show my BMI at 23.3 but I knew I was fatter! Now I have confirmation.:sigh:

So I assume that the tickers etc.. can just be taken as rough guides and we must go by what feels right for us.

I have a question that perhaps I should ask separately but will ask if any of you ladies have experienced it. My waist and hip measurements when I started were approx 31 waist and 42 hips. Now I am 29 waist and 37 hips.

I am very pleased I have lost the inches in my hips, bum and thighs which were quite thunderous I must add and are now looking slimmer. But why have I not lost in my waist?? I am now getting very worried. Has anyone else lost in some areas and not others on the diet?

Edit: I just had an afterthought, I have been taking it literally about the more protein you eat the more you lose. Could it be that I am eating too much chicken/meat for my stomach and waist?
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Slimdreamer, I just entered your stats (136lbs, 5'4") into two random BMI calculator sites and got 23.3...

As for lowering one's Dukan "true weight", please remember that this is not a "target weight" as such, but a "stabilisable weight"... a weight at which, given YOUR individual history (past diets + kids etc etc), you stand a good chance of maintaining without constantly dieting.

Below that weight, yes, we can easily go in Cruise. I did it myself... but stabilising such a weight is very hard work indeed.

Of course it's up to you :D
Maintainer, when I entered my measurements in the site Elida posted that asks for more than just height and weight it shows a bmi of 26.4.

It is interesting that it asks for neck measurement in addition to waist and hips.

Diet Calculator, Body Fat Calculator

The target weight on Dukan changes based on what is entered as well. It asks at what weight do you naturally maintain without dieting or something similar and I think I put 135 (not sure about this) and what was your lowest weight and I think I put 125 but its actually 122.

I have never had children so don't know why I am not losing in my waist. Even my husband has mentioned because my hips are smaller and my waist isn't that I have lost my hour glass shape. :(

I have all my life no matter what size had a waist about 10 inches smaller than my hips. Does anyone know why Dukan would change my shape and lose fat in mostly one area and not another????

I am hoping if I continue it will start coming off my waist and middle.:sigh:
some people are naturally thick-waisted?, i'm one of them (unfortunately) with a 29inch waist and 37inch hips.

For me, my middle is usually the last place where the fat melts from- which is so unfair as I tend to start to look gaunt in the face before the belly has gone.

At least you're not an apple, that's when health issues arise...:)

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