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Anyone noticed any different weight losses while it's TOTM?

I didn't lose any when it was my t.o.t.m but the following week I lost 6lbs. You would have lost weight, it just all depends how much water you retain.
Hi emerald. Yes you will have a smaller loss this week due to water retention. However, you're still loosing fat and youth will see extra on the scale next week. It happened to me, don't be disheartened by it. :)


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It's ok I didn't know what it meant a week ago :p x
Sorry for the TOTM confusion ooops :) I feel proper bloated and heavier, so it's no wonder the scales ain't budging...hoping like u all say it will show up better results nxt week. Thanks all xxx
You just retain fluid so it'll show up next week! Just a bit less motivation to keep going I guess. I'm in week 1 but when I got weighed it was t.o.t.m. so I'm hoping it'll show up as a sneaky big loss next week lol!
Fingers crossed cinematic hopefully u will have a good loss I am on my second week,but need to lose the poundage as I go away on 23rd to Austria,and have to do refeed for that week I am away. How are u doing on ur first week xxxxxx
Thanks emerald, I'm actually only on day 1 even though I went for my appointment last week. It's going ok so far, I'm not too hungry yet. Well done on your 8lb loss! I'd be delighted if I lost that much! How is it once you get the first week over with?
In all honesty day 1,2,3 were easy I hit 4,5,6 and the lethargy kicked in, but day 7 I felt great. Day 14 now and it's like second nature making the shakes, I still want to eat but that's due to greed not because I am hunger. I just keep thinking about how miserable I am this size and it gets me through. I only drink the vanilla and chocolate, I love the chocolate warm!!! It's not the easiest diet, but I think it's one of the most effective!! I have a really unsupportive husband, Thursday night him and the kids had take away,Saturday night we had a function to attend which was fancy dress movie theme,and lots of booze with 4 courses served :( I got throughout it and last night he ordered himself a massive pizza when the kids went to bed!!!!!! He said today he was on a diet, although I can't remember any diet consisting of ice creams and crisps!!!!! Sure PMT is not helping ha ha ha!!! Keep plodding on first week seems the longest but wait till u get ur first weigh in,its ball so worth it xx
Awh well at least you can come on here for support, and just keep thinking of how great you'll look! And thanks for the info! x
Lol emerald my partner is super skinny and doesn't gain a pound under any cirumstance, I cooked a BBQ last night I wouldn't let anyone help but I may have been off putting when I kept asking everyone " wat did that sausage taste like was it nice"
Tomorrow is my first weigh in which is day 7 not day 8 hope this won't make much difference

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