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Anyone remember when


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Corned beef. Stagg Chilli, and much more - those were the days (my first time around on SW). The plan, as any plan, though has undergone revision and improvement and those things are no longer free alas. Oh well - pastrami is free and even more tasty then Corned beef in my opinion, and i've learnt to cook my own chilli.
OMG do I ever, used to have chunks of corned beef in the fridge on red days just to pick at...guess that shows my age...and how long I have had SW in my life
The very first time I tried SW (going back over 10 years now) I remember pot noodles being free too.... I used to have them for dinner almost every day..lol and corned beef sandwiches...sigh
I did SW then too. I miss the corned beef and the tinned chilli.
Wouldn't corned beef hash be great on EE.............
Oh the good old days! I remember our consultant encouraging us to blitz mac cheese and use as a topping for lasagne! Hey, still managed to loose weight on it though, just never managed to keep it off hence still with sw!!!!:D


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:drool: corned beef quiche, cambells meatballs and wrestlers burgers in gravy... and Tesco's used to do a tin of bubble and squeak that used to be absolutely yummy.... hungry now :rolleyes::bliss:


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I too remember the days of eating everything out of a can... I lost 3 stone and it was all very convenient, but the weight crept back on! I do think its better now... I really feel like I am eating healthy, fresh food.

That said... I would love some corned beef hash!

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Sadly, I remember the corned beef too :( Quiche was very popular in our house then!
I never had the privilidge of experiencing the mac cheese though I do remember the Heinz one being free along with ravioli.
I can also remember when you had to syn fruit (a medium apple used to be 3 syns) or you would have it as a HeB, but that is going wayyyyyy back!
Yes I remember this was when I first joined sw back in 2003 and I lost 2 and half stone. I loved it, and guess what I still have the food directory and original sin free recipes book from then. I have just dug them out and am now wondering what would happen if I followed it again. Corn beef quiche, corn beef bake and macaroni cheese pie were my favorites. Uummmm loverly.

Mrs V

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Ooo and forgot semolina and couscous pancakes! They were wonderful, until my Consultant rang me and told me that I couldnt eat them without synning them first...I cried that day!


Always comes back to MMs!
OMG the corned beef quiche was AMAZING.


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