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Anyone seen/received the recipe book yet?

The Dukan Recipe Book

  • I have ordered the book...

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • I have received/seen the book...

    Votes: 3 20.0%
  • I have no intention of buying the book (yet/ever)!

    Votes: 10 66.7%

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** Chief WITCH **
2) my boyfriend ordered it for me... (cos I had a tantrum when the home computer wouldn't do what I wanted it to!!)
click my poll Jo :) I want to survey people :D

I'm very tempted...probably wait 'til I read reviews...I tried the orange thing on the DM site..tasted hmm "interesting"

like a orange yorkshire pud :S....weird!


** Chief WITCH **
I've clicked... DM orange thing? Hmm...
now admittedly I had to tinker with the recipe as I was missing some bits...but the taste can't be that much different with the "right" bits

it was no lie - orange yorkie pud!! :S

which is good - for those who want to try a dukan friendly yorkshire pud recipe

but not when it's orange flavoured and savoury :S.........eeeeeeeeeeep


** Chief WITCH **
Most Dukan desserts taste a little "interesting"... so it needs more sweetener, an orange flavouring (I have five or six flavourings, including dark chocolat, peanut, err, walnut I think, lemon, and I forget. They're expensive but you only need a drip or two!)
Sounds awful, min you I hate oranges lol.
I pre ordered the book at the same time as the diet book , I ordered from play.com and the diet book came within 2 days, they didnt have any in stock of the diet book but said mid September so I ordered it at the same time. it came today, looks ok I am so tired today though so havent really had a chance to look through it in detail.
It will make a change deciding what recipe to have rather than making some concoction up myself
can't wait to hear about it Cathy :)

I have to say some of the recipes in the original book I thought left a little to be desired... and am concerned that the quantities in the excerpt on the DM site weren't right...

think there's typo's galore somewhere along the line...

I will wait and see - but not try the dessert again :) as you said Jo - Interesting is the word lol

but it's given me food for thought on the idea of a dukan sunday roast :D
Sounds lovely, gak.

No intention of buying the recipe book, i'm just not a cooking/baking person. I own maybe 3 cookbooks and have probably made a grand total of 4 recipes from them in total.
I like cooking/baking (usually) but am not getting the book. I think this diet has been messed about with too much to gain in popularity and too many non-Dukan-friendly things seem to be tolerated depending on where you live (I have the original French list).

I'm boring but am sticking with what I know (and will use the [STRIKE]experiments[/STRIKE] recipes that are fab according to you folks on here 'cos I trust you more than him - he's in it for the money, you're in it for the same reasons as I am!)

I make an exception for rhubarb which wasn't on my list, but I can see that it will only do good (there are no more carbs in it than in a standard 0% sugar-free yogurt according to myfitnesspal).

I've waffled again...sorry.

But, enjoy the book for those who have bought it.
umm i think i will wait till thee recipes get posted on here lol


Dukan Ancestor!!
I have no intention of buying it - saw some comment on Amazon.fr (at that point it was not yet out in English) that made me think it was not really worth it as so much is available online for free, and the Diet book contains the basics!

I have managed fine, thanks to the girls here and several online collections (mostly in french sorry)


The Dukan Diet just got better: Now you can eat gourmet food AND stay slim | Mail Online

Recettes Dukan Phase d'attaque - Recettes Dukan pour régime hyper protéiné du Dr Dukan

Protéines-Gourmandes - pour maigrir sans s'aigrir avec Miss souba!
i actually looked at one of the links on ere from the daily mail and i most say some of the recipes are very misleaing ,the picture's that is we can have cookies made from oatbran etc but in the pic it shows chocolate chips mmmmmmmm and the cheesecake looked like it had a biscuit like base really misleading ,so i will not be buying the book but will use our recipes which have been treid and tested !!!


Dukan Ancestor!!
I think the DM just used other pictures because the book has none as far as I know.


Dukan Ancestor!!
well it's supposed to be a DIET FOOD book right?

Even if it claims input from Michelin-starred chefs (??)


** Chief WITCH **
I'm looking forward to receiving it... (I've my red pen at the ready!). The cheesecake recipe I was given from a French site used a galette base, so I was wondering whether that's what they put under their photo?).

And we did the chocolate chip thing on the recipe thread and I gave you the recipe for them!! hihi!

I love recipe books...

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