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Anyone struggle in first two weeks badly??


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I was wondering if anyone had a really bad first two weeks on ss+. I started my first week on ss+ and just couldnt get into it, i seemed to be tempted by everything, anyway i managed to loose just 1lb. Went into week to with a great attitued thinking yeah i can do this. My cdc also moved me upto 810 to see how this went. So far i'm on day 5 of week 2 and have not stuck to this once. I know its not an excuse but i've had a really bad week at work and its completely knocked me off course. I dare not weigh myself.

Any advice? Am going to try and stay on track till my next weigh in Tuesday but i'll be luck if i sts! :cry:
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you are definetly not alone even tho im doing w8 its much the same i am haf way thro 2nd wk and i have eaten something every day this wk . i was ok first wk but my hubby home for a wk and he away for 5wks so we been out a few times but i havent made bad choices we could maybe keep each other going as i get weighd on a tues to i am not giveing up tho next wk another wk take care lesley x:)


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I have struggled this time on my restart. I decided i would make an inspiration board (pics of shoes, clothes and holidays i wanted as a thin person), took photos and i will every two weeks and wrote a list of goals.....Icemooses posts are a complete boot in the right direction though. Help you to get your head in the game. X


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I haven't struggled as such at all yet..had odd moments but to be honest, I had reached rock bottom, hated myself, avoided mirrors, was in total despair, so I was really in 'the zone' and determined to make my life better. I think to do such an extreme diet you really do have to be focussed on it, kind of all or nothing I guess. For me, I found completely quitting food and doing SS was a Godsend...no way could I have a 'little bit' of food then stop, it isn't in my make-up to do that, food is to be devoured and enjoyed, not sparingly picked at (or so my poor brain thought!). Hopefully you'll find it easier soon, good luck with it.


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you talk a lot of sense i think i didnt realise howw hard it would be and ive piked at stuff last wk and lost 8 so thot hey i can do that again but defeats the whole purpose im like you all or nothing so tomorow im starting again thanks lesleyx
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You need to re-think why you started this diet , it is not easy , sorry you had a bad time at work , i think being on this diet brought that home more to you as you would normaly reach for food to make it feel better so i guess its effected you more so ? Don't worry your only human and you will get passed eachday if you want this so much
this diet is a great diet BUT you have to be in the right mind frame for you to stick to, You NEED to get the first couple of weeks out of the way ( yes it is hard) so you can see what cd is all about, the great losses keep you motivated. Just take the diet 1 day at a time and you will soon be at wi day .xx
I hope you can stick to it and see how great this diet is, good luck hunni.xx


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I thin I deal with it on a day to day basis. I get myself to breakfast, then I know about 2 I can have my lunch and then at 7 have my tea in between I drink if I feel tempted. I also go to bed early now so tomorrow comes a little quicker and before you know it is WI day and then I start my next week from the beginning again. Get yourself a routine and you will find it easier :) xx


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its all about where your head is.

you need to be at the right place emotionally and menatlly.

sometimes i do great, not cheat for weeks an then i have a bad week/few days, and its not cause i'm hugry or need the food, it cause i feel deflated,down,upset etc, and now i'm consistantly trying to teach myself not to eat for emotional reasons, eat when i'm hungry, and when ivebeen sticking to cd and am in ketosis, this isnt REALLY that often!!

it sometimes is really hard, but most of the time i cheat, it isnt really worth it any way.

be strong, think about you new clothes in smaller sizes you'll be able to buy, and keep going.

also this site is ace, and gives you loads of support and advice about things.

good luck with you journey honey. xx

ps, youve had fantastic losses so far - you know you can do it!!!!! x


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Thanks for all your replies. Last night i took a look at the inspiration slide show all i can say is WOW! So far today i have been good, i'm going to have 4 shakes and my milk allowence. Feel alot better now. Have decided to treat myself to something (not food) for every goal i hit say every 7lbs even if its a hair cut or something. :D

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