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Anyone suffer from Urticaria (heatrash/hives)

I only started getting this when I went over the 70kg mark. Now I have it all the time, when I get stressed, warm, cold. Does anyone else get this? What helps for it? Doctors don't know much about it, just prescribes antihistamine, it works but i don't want to take it every day and it only brings down the symptoms slightly, does not cure it.
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Ah ok, no I definately do not have that, kind of self diagnosed on the urticaria but so far doctors have agreed its that. It's so annoying cause it comes on my arms and chest and neck and face so very visible!


Gone, but who cares huh
yes mine is on my arms too and hands, it used to really bother me at the start of the summer, but then i couldnt live in cardigans in the heat we had so i had to brave it out,
infact having the rash helped spur me on to do the cd, as i thought well its bad enough being spotty but being spotty and fat is awful lol
When I went below 70 again a couple of years back it almost dissapeared so thats another reason i need to lose weight!
I get it whenever my body heats up, walking dancing whatever, even when in a hot bath it drives me mad! Its not really itchy but it looks horrible!

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