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Anyone Tried Maintenance instead??


Desires to be slim....
Hiya All,

Due to get weighed on Monday eve. I always said id stay on full LT as long as i could without feeling miserable and for the moment, im ok....ish:rolleyes:.

Has anyone lost weight on the maintenance programme here? Or did any of you switch to maintenance after being on LT and continue to lose weight?

I know that i could be disciplined with the one meal a day and i think id have more of a chance of keeping the weight off by doing that.........i think:rolleyes:

Over the next month, i have my mother's 50th party, going on holiday, 2 christenings and will be away with work twice before the end of May. Im dreading every occasion because im not eating. My 4yr old has also began to clock that im not eating and is asking too many questions and copying me and says if i dont have to eat my dinner then she doesnt either because then she will be skinny!!! Thats not good!!! She is picking up on too much.....(She is a tiny thing anyway...)

Any comments would be very welcome!!! I dont know anyone who has been on maintenance.....

Alos - are the products nice???
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Hi Lianna,

I don't know of anyone on here who has done the Lipotrim Maintenance to lose weight.

However I do have a friend who is a nurse and she has lost three stone using two Lipotrim Maintenance products with a low calorie meal each day.

She told me it took her less than ten weeks along with walking three miles on top of what she would normally do around the hospital she works in.

She choose this option as she wanted to lose weight slowly and wanted to be able to have a meal with her family in the evening.... as it happened in her case it came off very quickly and she was very pleased with the results:). Height wise she is 5' 7" and I do feel that height plays apart in how quickly it comes off along with being active.

She also got weighed in every week at her local Chemist which helped her keep focused.

I have tried the maintenance caramel bar and it is a step up on the flapjacks.

Love Mini xxx


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I never got to the maintenance stage of lipotrim.......I would ask your pharmacists opinion as they will know and would be able to answer all your questions.
Good luck.


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I am maintaining now hun and have tried the maintenance products, they are quite nice..caramel bar is lovely and choc whip is quite nice too. Order the smples if you havent already.
I have lost about 10lb however since refeeding and maintaining without the maintenance products! i reckon you can do this too if you just stick to being very healthy and no added fat! xxx
Awww dont leave us M :(:(:( XX:cry:


Desires to be slim....
Thanks for the advice!! No Gary, im not heading anywhere yet....just keeping options open hun!!!!!!!!
You do whats right for you babe...;) XX


Desires to be slim....
You're in a good mood today!!!!
I always am .......always arnt I Trace? xx
I nearly choked then! Yeah Gaz you always are honey!!! xxxxx


Desires to be slim....
I nearly choked then! Yeah Gaz you always are honey!!! xxxxx
Now THATS a lie ifi ever heard one!!

PS: Love the new pic of ya!! Thats inspriation enough for me!!! Im back into size 12 pants. Bit tight mind you but im in them!!:D
Tight is good;) xx
You go girl i got into 12 tops today..woohoo! Used to be a 10 but have boobs now lol xxx


Desires to be slim....
My DD's are shrinking as we speak!! LOL!!!! Sure, i can afford to lose a bit of what ive got up top!!! ha ha!!!

Gary - Tight is good in some senses but you gotta leave a bit to the imagination sometimes....
Totally agree hun! xx
Lets not go down the camel road again :D XX
hahahaha x


Desires to be slim....
EWWWWWW....... When i said my trousers were tight, i meant my butt (whats left of it) was well hugged....I would never leave the house with any imprints of any animal toes on me.....
Lol Lianna! Butt tight is hot hun..esp size 12! witt wooo x


Desires to be slim....
For some people -yeah...but for me - i hate it!!! Unfortunately, i inherited my mothers jamaican behind........I wish i could have taken after my dad's Irish side but no- God thought he'd have a laugh with me instead so i must be the only mixed race girl who BURNS in at the sight of the sun and has ginger tinges in the ends of my hair...LOLOL!!!!

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