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Anyone using the WW pedometer?

Hi I really want one the pedometer plus but they are expensive,all the others Ive had are naff,Ive bid for a new one on ebay so if I get it I will let you know xx

O I just won mine on ebay will let you know what I think,hopefully someone else will come along who has one soon xx
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I have not got one myself Jen but people I know who have one love it.

Class leader did say on Monday that from next week the scales, pedometer and calculator are going to be half price until stocks lasts. Methinks new products are planned for the new year or maybe sooner
I do love mine,but found it to be poor quality. IT doesn't work terribly well. The leader told me ages ago she would change it for me, but hasn't been able to get a new one, saying they are always out of stock - for months now!!! Mmmmm. The lady that does the 'shop' at my meeting says that loads of peoples need replaced...
I had one and alwys found that the 1st day i wore it or changed the battery ,it seems to register a really high number of steps. My activity doesnt change that much most days and there was a marked difference.

I dont think that they are any better than a normal one, but the added feature of the ap's was useful


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Hi. I wear mine everyday and swear by it. At my meeting today the leader said that next week the pedometer, scales, tracker and pen and oil spray will all be half price.


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Yep until stocks last. Reading between the lines it looks like the whole range of ww products will be updated along with an updated plan to be out at the end of the year.


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No, but i so should! im constantly on the go at the hospital, walking up stairs etc that it must count for something!


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I had the ww pedometer but it wasn't reliable for me, it either didn't count steps or gave me a ridiculously high number

I use the Omron walking style 2 and find it much more accurate

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