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Anyone wanna join Gen & I with our restart???

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
I (re)started today & Gen tomorrow so we are practically at the same point, though TECHNICALLY I will always be ahead :p !!
We have decided to buddy up to help each other out so I was wondering if there's anyone else out there that wants to join our happy club??
We are both lovely & not a bit desperate to lose the weight... honest!! he he he
No really, I believe the opnly way to do this is to get all the help & support you can, hence my addiction to this site!
My goal is 15lb by christmas, I am currently 5lb over my lightest level of a few weeks ago before slipping off the wagon (minus another 10 & I'll be at a lovely slim 17stone!!!) but I've clawed my way back up there & now I'm firmly tied on (I hope) with my best Brownie knot!!!
Oh yes & going to bed with Paul Mckenna tonight too:eek: , need all the help I can get I reckon!!
Updates to follow...
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Carpe diem
I restarted SSing today (27th) s-a-h ... does that count?

I've still got 3st 1lb to go before I reach my goal <sigh!>


Full Member

i have re-started today too, after a miserable week... so count me in pleeez!!!

Lisee xx


Gold Member
Ooooooooh me in girlies :)

day 1 today - gonna have a shake early as I tend to leave the first one to about 4ish then think - ooh havn't eaten anything all day - then do!! so gonna get myself into a routine with the shakes, it's worked before when I do it that way:p

Nice to have some great company along the way:D


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Can i join please? I have a few meals out along the way, but i will try to be good. I will be happy with a 11lb loss until xmas which will take me into the 12's.

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
YAY!! so looks like we are in good company then!
We will do it all together I reckon... daily updates are the way to go, so lets try to get on everyday & keep the momentum going!!
Have to stay focused!!
Good luck;
Russian Doll (s.a.h?)- you have done so well up to now, you will have that 3 stone off before you know it!
Lisee- put the week behind you, it's all a learning process (that's what I keep telling myself anyway!!), we will all do it together!
Kati- 2 stone to goal? that's great, you'll be there in no time!! Do you think you can do it by Christmas?
Geri- good to have a plan of action that you know worked for you before!
Oligames- Wish I could say the same, only 1 stone to go.. that would be something amazing
Wannabeminime- You will be in the 12s in no time, Christmas is always a difficult time with parties etc, I have my birthday on Monday & office party Saturday 16th but don't want to let any excuse get the way or I know I will be at least a stone heavier in January rather than a stone lighter (hopefully!!)


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I don't think I'll be able to lose 2 stone by christmas but getting below 10 stone would be fantastic for then. I'm 10 stone 13 now so need to lose 14lbs for christmas.

How is everyone getting along then? I had my 3 meals and a piece of chicken yesterday. refuse to feel guilty bout the chicken though because it's not worth it, I just end up feeling bad and I shouldn't.

I struggled with the water yesterday. I only had about 2 litres but will definately manage more today, I'll make sure of it.

My blender fell apart last night though so going to have to get used to lumpy shakes (ewww) till I can get a new one.

Hope all is well for everyone else :)


Carpe diem
Day 2: Doing fine ... had toffee & walnut 'porrige' with a sprinkling of cinnamon for brekkie and am about to have a mug of hot chocolate and soup tonight.

I was 13st 1lb on monday night: I'm hoping to be close to the bottom of the 12s by Christmas. If I make a big, big wish to Santa, maybe (just maybe) I could even get into the high 11s ...

s-a-h = 'slim at heart' by the way :)

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
Doing good today!!
Had 2 packs so far & a couple of coffees...
Lagging a bit on the water front though, must start chugging!!!
Anna X


Hi girls...
Me please, I'd like to join you thu i been adding a meal from last week or so with odd nibbling but hoping to get down to 100% ssing to get rid of the final stone, please keep each other posted and keep the support comming,


Full Member
nearly the end of DAY 2!

have had a good day, but the headaches are really bad.... had 2 shakes and a cranberry bar... yum! and been very good with 5 litres of water!
roll on day 3!!!

heres to a slimmer trimmer us in 2007!!!!!!

Lisee xx


Carpe diem
End of day 2

So far so good .... not too hungry at all. A bit of a headache but struggling to write a 1750 word university essay on "What is the purpose of a war memorial" might have something to do with that! :)

If anything, I'm really enjoying being back in the safe confines of SSing ... it's like a security blanket!