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Anyone want two Cavaliers?

Because mine are going to be packing their bags and moving out in a minute :rolleyes:

I gave them their dinner and then put them out the garden. they were running around chasing each other so I left them to it.

Next thing, Charlie my little 3 yr old without much brain came in and sat next to me - he reeked of something gross and was licking his lips....

I practially flew out the garden to find that my DH had been taking blanket weed out of his pond and had filled a carrier bag with it. He'd then forgotten to remove it from my herb bed (it's next to the pond).

Well, the carrier bag was no longer full but it was strewn everywhere and Maxx was sat eating some
I mean, how flaming gross are they?

There's obviously vitamins in it though as they are both racing round like a pair of flipping nutters - Maxx is 8!!!!
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hahahaha bless!

I used to have two, one called charlie (blenheim) and the other Daisy (tri colour).

So gorgeous but ever so mischievious!!!


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aawww I'd blame DH not the doggies. mine races round like that whenever he gets wet so i can't imagine how bad it'll be when there's 2 of them!!! hope they've calmed down a bit now
Oh yes I do blame DH but they absolutely reek :p . There's no way they are getting cuddles on my bed later. They are having a bath first thing in the morning ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Karen, Charlie is a Blenheim too and Maxx is the Tri. Even at 8 he is really naughty but I love them so much I can never be cross with them :D

Nikki, is yours a Blenheim? What's his name and how old is he?
He looks as if his ear feathering is just coming in too. A really yummy boy :D I adore Cavs and have usually got more than 2 in the house as I also do rescue :D


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his ears were coming along lovely till he managed to get lots of (block your ears if ssing) sugar puffs stuck in them and they were all matted so half the hair came out when I was combing them.

He really doesnt like his ears combed so have to do it when he's in the bath cos he doesn't move then.
PMSL he sounds like a typical Cavalier :D Hate to tell you this but if you'd have wetted them the SP's would have gone soggy and combed out easily ;)

The worst thing ever was when Maxx was walking along one day - nose to the ground in case the kids coming home from school had left him anything tastyy on the pavement, and he got chewing gum in his ears ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

His ears were I hasten to add almost on the floor :( no more though :( I had to trim them to get it out as no amount of ice would shift it and I didn't want to hurt him.

Have you got any more pics of your baby?


we've got 2 cavvies too.
a blenheim 3yr old called Josie C/O oldest child.
a Black & tan 6/12 old called Amber C/O middle child.

my collie cross puts up with them well enough ,but as he's usually rolled in something horrid he doesn't get up on the furniture but eyes them resentfully from his rug.

as childrens/family dogs they can't be faulted.
they do prefer to be under the duvet rather than on it .
Is this usual cavvie behaviour?


Does he have his own pillow?


yes ,that sounds about right.
LMAO typical Cavs! My two have doggy duvets on the floor in our room but I almost always wake up with them snuggled into me. Our Blenheim who is the youngest at 2 1/2 will get right underneat the duvet and sleep on hubbies feet ewwwwwwwwwww.

My oldest Cav, a Tri who is 8 prefers to sleep on top of the duvet but with his head on hubbies pillow right next to me :D hubby is convinced that we are conspiring to oust him from the bed.... :D

This is like my house ......


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I have a 7 month old tri cavvie called Mollies shes just soooo cute but a devil too.She sure does keep me busy but i love her to peices lol

Vicky xxx

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