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Anyone with 52lbs to lose? (3st 10lbs)

I'm looking for someone with a similar weight to lose to keep me on the straight and narrow and to compare losses.


I should add that losing 52lbs would take me down to 8st 7, but i'd be quite happy with anything below 9st :)

Oooh, and today is day 1 SS for moi xxxx
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Hi Leah i've got 57lb to go and at the mo i'm struggling a bit, still doing SS 100% but this week i've found it really hard so would love to give and recieve support from someone alike. Jo x x x
Oooh, sounds great!

You're OVER HALF WAY!!!!!!!!!!! That's AMAZING! xxx
I would never say you had that much to lose Leah - honestly, really.

I want to lose another 3stone 6lb .... so will keep you company - but I'm 790-ing my way (cue Frank Sinatra) so only losing about 4/5/6/7lb or so a month.
So far its been great just the odd day of feeling like "i cant do this" but this week has been torture if i'm honest although i still have'nt cheated. I do think everynight i'm going to have an aam but never do so the willpower must be there somewhere lol
But i'm a blob bev! I hide it well by wearing clothes one size too big. I used to be skinny. I'm extremly petit under all this flab.

790ing your way? what type of things do you eat?

join us join us xxx
Hi I'm Jackie and I have 69lb to lose. I will admit to cheating last weeks and STS, so go for it this week and hopefully should see a good weight loss.

First day of our girls easter hols and I have made with them a chocolate sponge and rice krispie cakes - will have to resist when they have gone to bed this evening.


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I have EXACTLY 52lb to lose!! am half way thru my CD journey! its getter harder each day. Was rubbish last week, I lost 4lb in 2 weeks (CDC on holiday one week so I waited 2 wks, think it was worse coz I picked and picked and thought "oh ive got 2 weeks to lose that!!")
Will keep each other motivated!!
I weigh in on friday mornings

Hi, :wave_cry: I've just started on CD. This is my first day on ss, and I want to lose 56 pounds overall.
I would love to keep in touch with anyone who is in a similar situation - I am anticipating that I will need some support with this!!
S x
We can do it kids :D

Whats a few months eh? it should take us around 4 months. That aint much in the grand scheme of things.

what are you all doing to say motivated? xx


Back On CD.......
I have a few stone to lose too.. :(

Really need some motivation..

I have no willpower, I am crap... :cry:
Hi Blue_Grapefruit,

I've 56lbs to lose exactly 4 stone and I have 6 months to lose it but I have a holiday in the middle. I'd love to shift it all in that time frame :)

I have 52lbs to lose have been doing this for 3 days now and finding it very tough!

It will be worth it in the end when we are all nice and skinny, would be great to have people to compare losses with etc!!!!
Kelly - we'll do it. Dont you worry!

Hedgehog - thats a good motivator. How much you want off before your holiday.

Right then gang - why do you wanna lose the weight?

My list:
1)I hate shopping. I want to go into a shop and easily fit into everything i see.
2) I'm fed up of seeing my reflection.
3) I want to feel sexy and confident
4) I don't want to be all hot ans sweaty on hols this year
5) I want to easily conceive (when the time is right)
6) The big one - i'm planning on getting married next year :D
7) Stretch marks and hair (like random facial hair) are minging. The more weight i lose, the less hormones will be raging around my body, the less obvious my stretch marks will be, the happier i will be!
8) I wanna prove to my family and friends that i have the strength to do this.

Your turns :D
I have 52lbs to lose have been doing this for 3 days now and finding it very tough!

It will be worth it in the end when we are all nice and skinny, would be great to have people to compare losses with etc!!!!
Our stats are VERY similar. How tall are you? xx
I am 5 ft 3. Want to get to 9 st ish. In reality it is less about the weight and more about fitting into a pair of jeas for me. Have these jeans I got in the USA which i am desperat to get into.

Would love to count down the pouds with you!!!!
Yes Blue_Grapefruit the holiday is certainly good motivation :) I have just over 3 months before I go on holidays so I would like to shift as near to 3 stones as I can but it is not my primary motivation for shifting the weight

Ultimately I am struggling with a couple of health issues which are aggravated by the extra weight I am carrying, so really its to improve my quality of life and the rest is just a bonus :)



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1. I want to go in ANY shop and choose clothes because I like them and NOT because they FIT
2. I want my 2 daughters to NOT say - mummy why is your tummy still big?!!!
3. I dont wanna be hot and sweaty in the summer
4. I want to look better in my swimming costume (Im a swimming teacher!!)

This weekend I went to the NEXT sale and managed to buy some tops in size 16 and some 18 jeans! have NEVER been in NEXT and bought anything! Im gonna need a mortgage to buy some new clothes



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OH and I also have saved a pair of GAP size 16 LONG jeans that I just LOVE, that I bought about 8 yrs ago in USA!! I always said...................one day I will fit back in them!
Weight loss ultimately will help a whole plethora of conditions - be it health related or confidence related. We have to do it don't we!

Mhairi - teeny bit taller but i'm well jealous. I wanna be around 9st, im sure i'd give up at about 9st 7 unless i made my target 8st 7. Hopefully then i'll have a sorta comfort zone to float about in.

Hedgehog - You can easily do 3st in 3 months. It'll also keep you moticated cos if you fail then you'll have to look at those holiday snaps. I always hate that about being fat. The hot and sweaty look isnt for moi xxx

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