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Apple and cinnamon porridge


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Hey Guy's, visited my CDC today who gave me an Apple and cinnamon porridge to try.
I tried it this morning for my breakfast and it was really nice, not like normal porrdige but close enough, and i did not have to add sweetners because it was already quite sweet!! I just thought I would share this to let you know that this porridge is available, and unlike the shakes it has made me feel quite full.

Thanks for reading Tess xx
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thanks Tess, i'm going to to see my CDC today and will def get some if she has them in. I love the original porridge as well :)


I can do this.
ive just noticed this post... does it have the same cal value as the shakes?


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Thanks for sharing that.:) I did see the porridge on the order list but thought I'd give it a miss, as porridge has not been my favourite food of late. I'll order some next time for my more hungrier moments.


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The porridges have slightly higher carbs but I have had 3 packs a day some days and been fine. Am not a fan of the apple and cinnamon though. I think I will stick to the original. I couldn't stick to this diet without the porridge.


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Im getting mine tomorrow really looking forward to trying it out, I really hope i like it, I miss my Apple and Blueberry porridge loads :(


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I used to eat apple and blueberry porridege from quaker, the apple and cinnamon from cambridge I personally think is nearly as good only you get more with quaker :-( lol
tess x


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i have asked my cdc to save me some for monday :D i totally forgot about it and didn't order any on my first week back. so it will be my first try :D

abz xx


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I'm getting my first lot of apple and cinnamon tomorrow, I wont be seeing my CDC for 2 weeks after tomorrow so I'm ordering enough porridge to have one every morning and some extras for teatime :D yummy!!


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they are nice, although I only like the plain one, not the Apple and cin one!


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I really like them both, the plain one smells vile even though it tastes ok. Its really nice to have a breakfast something I haven't done in a long time.


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I love the porridge too A & C cant remember what I have ordered for tomorrow, hope no broccoli and cheese cos it was rank.


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I had the A&C Porridge this morning for my brekkie, I thought it would be nasty so only ordered 2 packs of it and when I tried the first spoonful, my boyfriend laughed as he said i was pulling a face as though i didnt like it even though I hadnt tried it!!!!
Wellll.....wow and I mean wow - I loved it.. It did taste a little earthy but was sooo nice. I did think it was funny as I felt like a naughty child eating it as it felt like I was eating something I shouldnt...he he he - the best thing is - I can have another one this week :):)