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Are all the soups as vile?

Hi im starting the cambridge diet tomorrow...absolutely dreading the shakes and soups but i have to give it a try as its the only diet i haven't tried yet !!:sigh:


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I too hated all the soups ,I didnt mind as i enjoyed most of the shakes I always did different things with them. make them with 6 ice cubes and water in a blender or 8/10 ice cubes with splash of water in blender made a sorbe I also used psyillium husks to make porridge but you can get porridge now.I also like most of the bars good luck with ur journey u can do this xx
Aww good luck. The shakes I have tried so far are really nice! The soups were a bit grim though!


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Just seen new post try looking at the recipe thread tell you different things you can do to shakes and soups to make them taste better .I hated shakes made with water but made with ice cubes and water they were much better give all avenues a try befor eyou give up .It can be done be possitive dont give up trying hun xx
Oh thank you...i feel realllllly inspired !! Just hope i can get used to the shakes etc...well its a case of having to if i dont want a hot sticky summer


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I did not like any of the soups at all left an awful taste in my mouth.

I like the porridge, the strawberry & banana shakes and have the chocolate mint like a hot chocolate.

I have tried the bar's and have to say they are ok not something I would have too often but suppose they are good to put in your bag for a day out:D


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It's weird how people are so different - I love all the soups! I usually put a pinch of cayenne pepper and/or parsley in though, to liven them up. I have all my shakes hot, with a sprinkling of cinnamon or nutmeg, depending on the shake (but I also love mousses too). Those additions are all OK btw. :)

To anybody new and/or on SS reading this, we are NOT allowed to make the soups and shakes into anything other than what they are (e.g. 'crisps' and 'muffins') - there is a sticky about this clearly warning what the dangers are, and how head office have said don't do it! (You change the chemical composition of the meal and lose half the nutrients - this diet is so low-calorie that we need all the goodness we can get! :eek:)


I like the leek and potato, veg and chilli

The tomato one was way too sweet for me. The broccolli one (and I like that soup normally) on CD was gag-tastic.

Yet some peeps love it

No accounting for taste eh?
I hated the soups to begin with. I'm fine with them asi got used to them.
I can't bare most of the shakes except vanilla, cold cappuccino and strawberry.

Bare with them cos you pallet does change!
Mandy, wow.......your weight loss is fantastic and its so great to read that you have kept it off for so long. How do you do it? I am still a couple of stone away from target but am now starting to think about how I will cope with maintenance. I notice you actually have gone 20lbs lower than your original goal - was there a reason for this? Anyway hope you don't mind me asking all these questions I would love to know your secret to success!!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I'm going to go lower than my target weight too - I set it myself, but now I'm looking at weight charts and so on, I think I could go at least half a stone lower. My CDC says there's no real reason why people shouldn't be able to weigh what they weighed when they were 21, so that's what I'm aiming for. :)
I think most people don't like the soups, though of course everybody has different tastes!

The first time I had chicken soup I liked it.. but ever since it made me wretch, so i just stick to the shakes. This diet is hard enough without having to force yourself to have things you dont like. If you only like chocolate, then get 21 chocolates!
I like the soups, I add curry powder to oriental chilli, and cumin to chicken and mushroom. But I do always have my shakes hot.x
With the exception of spicey tomato, I find the soups to be pretty vile. The leek and potato I hated right from the first sip. The others I hated on the 2nd meal.

Can't wait for next week, when I can introduce bars.
I dont like the soups, i just have the porridge, choc shake, and the butterscotch i always make the choc into hot choc custard with the receipe from the leaflet my CDC gave me it tastes lovely! x

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