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Total Solution are any sweets carb free ??

I can safely bet that there will be no sweeties at the movies you'll be able to get away with lol! If there was, someone on this forum would have found it by now! It's especially risky if you can't see there carb content. Just take a dr pepper zero with you if you want a sweet fix? I suppose you can also try sugar free jelly.
i have no bars and i cant take anything in they take it away from you ill have to sit with a very expensive bottle of water
NO! :whoopass: You cant have sweets on a TFR diet!!

You need to either commit to doing a VLCD or if you want to eat, move to WW or SW etc

Why not take a bar with you?
Love this tough love, Starlight. :D
By the way, what does TFR mean? Total Food Replacement?
Think of this as another opportunity to reflect on your pre-diet eating habits MrsPage2B. :) Eating while bored or watching TV/movies when not hungry is definitely one of the reasons why I gained weight. You don't NEED to munch at the movies, more like it's an old habit you've probably gotten used to doing.


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TFR does mean total food replacement Lozza :)

MrsPage2B surely they won't search your handbag? You can take a coke zero or doctor pepper zero that you've bought at the shops, it'll be much cheaper :) I always take my own drink to the cinema and if they say anything I say I'm diabetic (I'm not, lol) and need to control my own drinks instead of risking post-mix. They leave me alone after that haha xx
no the local one does surch bags their have been several complains about it in the local paper its fine ill have me water i never go to the cinimar this is the first time in mayb 2 years thats wny i got carryed away about the sweets lol
Id have to question the legalities of a bag search at a cinema quite honestly. Thats shocking

Mind you Im sure a bar would have been ok to smuggle in. Just think how good youll feel after the film and youve not broken your diet
Hmmm yes it doesnt sit right with me! There is no way they can force you to open your bag so they can search it. I'd take a bar and break it into sweet sized pieces to munch if you need to munch on something.

Its tough going to places like the cinema on one of these diets because theres always going to be others eating around you but its a good test of your willpower and commitment to the diet lol
pop it in the side of your bra lol bet they wont look there:p


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Or you could make a piece of bacon or boil a breast of chicken, cut it into strips, stick them in a sandwich bag and nibble at those! Worst come to the worst, at least it's protein! The cinema won't check your handbag!!!! That's not okay if they suggest it just say, 'NO'! x


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To quote someone on here (sorry I can't remember where I saw it and therefore the exact words!):

It's hard being fat, and it's hard to diet.... which hard is your choice

It's simply not worth breaking the VLCD way at the moment .... IMHO
ok im back and they served coke zero their wooohooo happy chrissy but i did need to run to the loo 3 times in the film and no diet broken :)

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