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Are Dosas free?


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Was thinking of making dosas which are made using completely free ingredients but because of the process I think they might need synning-

They are made using lentils and rice but then you soak the two overnight and then puree- does this mean they count as syns?

God I hope not!

Thanks x
Sorry I can't help with the synnage but just wondered what you did with it after you pureed it and what else you add?

Do you use it as a dip or fry it into 'cakes' or something? Never heard of it but I'm now intrigued! :D

I imagine you would have to syn it as you're effectively using the lentils and rice as flour so they aren't as filling as they usually would be.

I'm so sorry, my second ever post and I'm the bearer of bad news.
I think as part of a meal they would probably be okay. But Slimming Worlds advice is that when anything is grounded or blended in place of flour, it has to be synned. 4.5 syns per 28g for whichever ingredient you are blending.

I think if you are having these as a sweet dessert, then there would need to be some caution added because they are something that could be easily overconsumed on and don't contain a superfree food.

It all depends on whether eating them effects your weight loss though I suppose, if you have them and are not synning them and notice your are not losing weight, then it would perhaps be one of the first things to look at.

It is something I would definately confirm with SW directly.

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