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are ll scales wrong?

Hi everyone, me again! Just thinking about last nights weigh in and wanted to asks everyone's opinion. I weigh myself a lot on my own scales (i know i shouldn't! :d'oh:) and they always read about 3 or 4 lbs heavier than ll ones. I said this last night and other people started to say the same. One lady said that she'd had a bad week, lots of lapses but she'd still lost 3.5 lbs. I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but you don't think ll would fiddle the scales to make us think we're losing more than we are and therefore stick to the plan would you?
I'm probably being paranoid and i'm already telling myself to just accept that i can and i am doing it, no tricks, just hard work! Arghhhhhhhh self sabotage or ll cheating?! Please stop me from sending myself crazy!:character00264:
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Making it all add up
Think about it, what would LL gain from 'fixing' the scales?

Surely your LLC would be better setting their scales higher than actual readings, as that way people would take longer to reach goal and spend more money!!

Also, if you think about it, this would be disasterous for LL as an organisation if found to be true & could seriously damage the business going forward.

Highly unlikely IMHO.

I checked my weight a couple of weeks ago at my gym, and weight was almost exactly the same as LL scales (my wife asked me to check as our home scales said she was 5lb heavier than at the gym, so she's very happy as well)

Hopw this helps


Is back in the saddle!
If anything my LLCs are the other way around. I alway weigh exactly the same on mine or hers, differance being I have clothes on on hers. I'm sure your clothes could make a differance too!

I did talk about it with OH last week because we were wondering that if you are publicly using a scale, aren't Weights and Meassures supposed to callibrate them?
Conspiracy? ummmmm, no. lol SOrry, but that is one of the silliest things yet. :D ;)

Put your scales away, they will caause you nuttin buth heartache and unwarranted concern. Its a bad idea to weigh at home if it makes you atart thinking LL fiddle with their scales.

I have finished the diet, including the 12 weeks of RTM. I only started weighing myself (twice a week only) since completing RTM.
As it goes, my scales are spot on with my LLCs.

lol. Conspiracy theory for LL. Gotta love that. :D
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My llc scales weigh lighter than mine (about 4lbs) I rest my scales on a hard floor and llc has hers on carpet which can make a difference.
I don't think theres a conspiracy just don't get on yours too much!!!
What sort of scales do you have at home, for starters?
If they are not electronic, throw them away. Those types with the little needle are useless and will change dramatically depending on where you put them and even how you stand on them.

Best thing to do, is not weigh yourself at home. At all.

If you really feel you have to, and your scales are electronic (get some if they are not!), bring them with you to your next LL meeting. Weigh yourself on the LL scales, then straight after weigh yourself on your own ones. If you own ones are different, re-calibrate them so they are the same as the LL ones.

Remember, it's not so much your weight you are looking for here, it is the loss you have each week; so wether you go by the LL or your own, your calcualted loss each week should be the same.

And if your LLC is like mine, the scales they have are very good quality. I trust them to be accurate, much more than I trust some cheap one from a highstreet store.
I cant really add to what has been said but what i will say is this.

The scales the LLC's use are all the same (or certainly supposed to be) they are very high quality and extremely accurate.

If you want to get the next best thing i would suggest Boots there is ever only about 1lbs difference i found. Also remember it matters what time of day it is, water retention and general body weight fluctuations.

Don't panic there is no conspiracy :)

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