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are my calculations wrong?


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i thought i was averaging 1.5-2st loss to drop a dress size - is that wrong?

if i had 5 stone to lose and i have lost 2.5 why have i only gone down one dress size? Now in a comfy size 14

i have another 2.5st[ish] to get to goal making me a comfy size 12??

i am 5ft 2" and goal weight is 8st 12lbs
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Everyone's different hun and it depends where you've lost the majority of your weight from x
I think sizes are so difficult to predict but you are a similar height to me, I'm 5ft 1 and weigh 8st 9/10, I wear a size 8 bottom and 10 top. When you are bigger it takes more weight to drop a dress size then when you are smaller.

(off-topic, sorry!)

Wow Georgie!! That new photo is stunning! Check you out in your tiny jeans and t-shirt! ;)


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ahhhh then eveeryone should ignore my calculations lmao

CF I have lost weight from all over cept my boobs!


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gonna go to bed and cry into my pillow - n a right downer now

will be back to 'me' tomoz

night all
gonna go to bed and cry into my pillow - n a right downer now

will be back to 'me' tomoz

night all
ur doing amazingly well, dont get urself down.. look at ur achievements so far xxxxxx
Oh no!! Don't say that!! You're still losing at an incredible rate honey and lets not forget that fantastic achievement of abstaining whilst on holiday! That's not something everyone can do so you should feel super-proud! You'll get there the same as everyone else - you never know you might even skip a dress size so please don't get down :( xx


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gonna go to bed and cry into my pillow - n a right downer now

will be back to 'me' tomoz

night all
Awww Lisa why!

You are a size 14 now and it is fantastic!!!:hug99:

As everyone has said we are all different!

I could not get a size 14 to look at me just yet and I know I will have to have about another stone and half to two stone for the top. Some of the drop in clothes size can be quicker than a stone at times as you near your own natural weight. But at the start can take a lot longer...the stone a size guide is a generalization that works out over a period of time and weight.

I am 5' 4" small frame.

Love Mini xxx
Oh hun don't feel down you have achieved so much and done so well. I always felt that my dropping a dress size seemed to take ages but as I shrunk it got quicker, from a size 22 down through 20 and 18 took ages but when I got down to 14 and 12 it was really quick.

Let's not forget it also depends on what clothes you are wearing! Like jeans - I'm a pretty comfortable size 14 jeans but there's no way I'm looking good in size 12 jeans. But I can get 12s on in trousers of different material and look decent. And tops too, depending on what you're wardrobe consists of might be why you think you're losing dress sizes slower. xx
Hey Lisa, we will get there, even if it takes us more weight to fit into smaller clothes!!!

I have lost least weight from my waist which is where I carry most of mine! I can get into size 16 jeans (Per Una) with a bit of a muffin top coz my hips are only a 14. I am an 18 top coz I have big boobies too! I may have gone down a bra size but not a cup size (as far as I know!)

Don't get despondent. You have done really well so far. I have about another 3 stone to go so will be around for a while. I bet you get to goal before me!



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no pillow crying lisa or i'll come over there and start a pillow fight!

I'm having similar things happening to me too, first i conned myself i was a size 16, when in reality i was a size 16 in some shops and an 18+ in others, so now i am almost comfy 14 with most/all shops aside from next. I have lost 26lbs (going on home scales, delayed wi this week cause of bh hols tomorrow).

when i was 8st 10/12 i was a size 10 in most clothes, maybe a 12 in levis and other labled jeans as they come out smaller.

when i was 8st 5lbs I was almost in a size 8. so i think you will be a ten in most things - and poss a 12 in designer or smaller fitting stores. for example, dotty p's work out much bigger than next, almost a size difference.

guess who's going to be shopping at dotty p's!!??!!! ME! ;)

either way hon, i am sure you'll look fab!!
Forgot to say, I am 5'5" large frame!

awww thanks everyone - i had a blip last night in my patience which is pathetic considering this is the fastest weight loss diet everer!!

I am back to me with my positive mental attitude back to its former glory!!

I will be a size 10/12 before i finish - come hell or high water!!

Porgeous - if i ended up looking anything close to you i would be a very happy bunny!!!

come on bod - u so know u want to be a size 12!!!!! :D

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