Are my losses too small?

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  1. RobertaCD

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    I saw my CDC tonight and she said the following:
    1) My losses are really tailing off - have I been cheating? (No, I haven't cheated and surely it is natural for losses to tail off as time goes on?)
    2) I shouldn't get rid of my bigger clothes as so many women put the weight back on! (Words fail me)
    3) My initial target (late 9s) is a bit too low and I should aim at first for 10.5 (I'm 5ft 3 and late 9s puts me just inside the healthy BMI range. 10.5stone leaves me still in the overweight range.)

    Bit glad I only need her for the "gear" (as my dh calls it). I certainly won't be listening to her "motivation" from now on!:(

    So I'll ask you lot my question and not her! If my losses tail off to about 2lb a week should I think about doing something different?
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    What is she talking about??? Your losses look good to me and you should be very proud of yourself. If your CDC is telling you to keep all your "fat" clothes then of course there's a chance you'll put back on the weight - if you have nothing to wear you'll want to keep it off!

    Could you change CDC? If not then, as you say, just buy your packs from her and come here for the support and congratulations you deserve. Hope she hasn't made you feel demotivated, you keep going!:)
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  4. mrsessex

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    Wow wish I had a CDC like that - not

    She's clearly deluded and has no empathy for her clients

    2 pounds a week is still 8 pounds a months nothing to be sniffed at

    We all lose weight so differently so there's nothing to worry about

    In future get your packs pay and leave I wouldn't give her the time of day but that's me LOL

    Keep up the good work ;)

    X x
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  5. towergilly

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    first well done on your losses from the look of it, it looks like your losing the stone a month they say you should lose - everybody losses at a different rate and yours look to be right on target to me

    as for your cdc i'd change or just get the gear from her and don't listen to the rest of it you'll find a comfy size for you- i'd throw away the clothes
    yeah some people put the weight back on but there are enough people on here that dont to convince me it can be permanent!
    the only thing i'd say is if you can drink more water do - that might help but your losses don't seem to be tailing of to me x
    have a great day and well done !
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  6. *butterfly*

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    I'd seriously consider changing your cdc if you can. You are paying her to be treated like crap! It makes me quite angry to hear that cdc's are giving such 'advice'. Considering for most of us cd is quite a big step and i believe a huge part of its success will lie in being able to change our thinking and behaviour patterns that led to the problem in the first place, she clearly has very little concept of how to provide support and motivation to help you feel you can make the longer term changes to your lifestyle, and to knock you back by suggesting you will regain, or not get to where you want to be is just appalling! Its lucky that you have found mini's to be able to get some positive support, it would be easy to let such negativity knock you off track if you had nowhere else to balance that view. She does not deserve to be a cdc! It is frustrating when we have seen some great ladies here on mini's say they couldn't be accepted to be a cdc, yet here she is abusing the trust people put in her. Maybe her perception of it 'failing' is down to the fact that she does not support her clients enough to help them succeed......! Your losses are still consistant, we all lose at different rates but if you stick to it you know you will continue to lose, you can be whatever you want to be. I think the healthy BMI goal is perfect. Ditch the tents and believe in yourself! You can do it, despite her useless 'advice'. Keep it up, you know you'll feel fab! xx
  7. Porgeous

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    Your losses look pretty darn good to me. Mine did slow down as I shrunk and ended up around 2lb a week as I neared goal. Ignore the advice hun, you are doing brilliantly, and get rid of the old clothes... best thing I ever did!!

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  8. Claudine004

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    Hi Roberta.

    Well done on your loss this week.

    I think it's too early to say your WL is tailing off. We lose weight at different paces. Sometimes you have 2 or 3 others it's 3 or 4!

    You have done 6 weeks so I think its way to early. Just carry on doing well. Next week you will have a really big loss.

    As for the negativity from your CDC forget about it. Just keep going back each week and stay on the diet, you will be the one who benefits in the end.

    Some people have difficulty saying things and they can come out the wrong way. I'm sure she means well. If it becomes more of an issue in the coming weeks tell her so.

    Take care!
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