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Are there any threads where people are 100% strictly sole source?


I really do NOT want to read about it.

Is it just going to be me that will stay 100% SS?

I have done this diet before and was 100% for 6 months. I am now phase 2 of my weight loss journey,

Is there anyone that has or knows they can stay 100% Sole Source until Christmas?
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Finishing what I started
Hi sole source restarter
Im back on my 2nd journey today also. gone from 17.3 to 12.5 but at the moment im now 12.13 so heres to our 100% ss journey. I like you only do 100% there is no point in any other way, Yes the next few days are going to be hard but we have done it before we CAN DO IT again x
I am planning to sole source until goal weight which i hope is Christmas.

Reason is i feel drained whence i do so...

If you eat. cheat this sin't the thread for you
please do not mention it in your posts...
I started my journey proper (previous failed attempts) on the 1st June and Im committed to staying 100% SS until i reach target which is at least 5 1/2 stone away.....it might be more but i have no idea what i will look and feel like at that point.

Here's to us staying 100% on track and keeping each other on the straight and narrow also.

thing is i will stay 100%
but it tortures me to read about people eating and then wanting sympathy

i really want to help them and feel i care but i cannot do so anymore

last year drained me doing this and eventually after 6 months i started scoffing
I'm with you I intend to stay 100%

I can understand why people cheat but it isnt an option for me and I will not be doing it. I will of course continue to read the main forum and so will come across cheat, blips, wobbles whatever BUT It will be good to have a place to chat where I know that the other people are of the same mind set and that is 'safe' (Especially during weak moments of my own, which I'm sure to have!)

Hi Sole Source Restarter

You sound a very strong person and good luck to you for that, but unfortunately not all of us are as strong, sometimes crap happens in people lives which turns things upside down for a while and thats when us meer mortals turn to food for comfort.

Thats not a weakness thats life whether we like it or not and some of us want to hear that other people are the same because that gives us comfort that we are all in this together.

So whether we do sole source or whether we want to add food in with the diet isnt here nor there, its the end product we are all interested in and we are all striving for the same thing surely however we get there.


Full Member
I need 100% encouragement as well so am going to hop on board..

Ok, so I guess we need to help each other through this?

I have some obstacles and I DO NOT want to deviate from SS.

Obstacle's over the next few days - Father's Day - our 3 sons want to take DH (& presumably I!) out on Sunday - I can easily control my diet at home, but how can I be out to dinner with them & not eat?

The following Thursday is the youngests' 16th birthday - again, they want to eat out.

In just over 3 weeks, we are going on holiday for a week. B&B, so I can easily sleep through breakfast & SS.. But DH will want to eat out.. Aaarghh!

Tips people?

Linz x

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