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are you allowed to put pepper in the chicken soup?

I know a lot of people do but LT's stance is "no"... I assume it's another one of those situations that you have to gauge for yourself.. Sorry i couldn't be more helpful x x
Dunno Sally but I don't think that ANYTHING you put in the soup will make it taste nicer.....:spit:
haha yeh the chicken soup is not great but i hate the strawberry and vanilla and had 4 weeks of only chocolate. was starting to make me feel sick. lol. thanks guys! think im going to try it this week and see what happens. :D xx
Sally, have you not tried the chocolate wth peppermint tea? or the vanilla with coffee? that's all I have now...guess that I'm going to be pretty bored soon too but not bored enough to tackle the soup or crapjack....ugh:rolleyes:


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I put pepper in mine. Just ground black pepper though and not lots either. That's my only cheat!


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Like the first reply, alot of people do add pepper but LT say defo no!

I lived on chocolate shakes for 20weeks - never got bored but can see how people do. Try the shakes you dont like again in a few weeks as your tastebuds change and you might find you like them :)