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Lovin it !!! :)
Hi guys
I have been reading loads of threads on here this morning about loads of different subjects and can relate to several things. What I was wondering though, and it may seem like a mad question, but ............... of all of us battling/struggling/beating ourselves up/doing it properly/falling off wagon etc - how many are an only child? I am sooooo trying to "find myself" so to speak - find answers to unanswered questions in my life, find reasons to why i react to certain things in a certain way etc etc and I do believe that my childhood possibly plays a large part in why I am how I am today - well yeah thats obvious I know - but I mean deeper things - I am sure you all know what I am rammbling on about. Just out of interest, just wondered if there are any other only children out there or even children with siblings who often felt they were not favoured as much as brother/sisters etc ???
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I am the eldest of 3, I have 2 brothers, Wayne who is 11 months younger than me, and kevin who is 4 years younger than me.
Well Wayne has been in hospital a few times when he was younger with knee problems (had to have surgery) and his lung kept collapsing so had surgery for this too. Understandably my mum took Wayne under her wing.

Kevin .....well he is the apple of daddy`s eye, and used to go with him to work whenever off school (truck driver) so Kevin was always favoured there.
So my childhood was ok but my brothers got most of the attention....my nan picked this up and told me if I needed to talk to her to ring.
Well when Wayne left home at 18 to live with his first girlfriend and their child, my relationship with mum improved, though I still had my moments when I was a complete ***** to her(I so regret it)
Well my saving grace was helping her whilst she was ill, before she died.....I felt awful though as I had a young baby too so I felt that I didnt do enough but she was grateful.


Lovin it !!! :)
but do you think that how you were as a child has anything to do with eating habits etc now ? as a child I never thought that anything I did was good enough as my parents had nobody else to compare me too (not their fault as they lost 2 other children) but now I contantly beat myself up if there is not perfection in myself and others too - this is really damaging and I know I need to take massive steps to sort this out, but I feel that this is from my childhood. I know it is a totally stupid ideal as it is never going to happen - nothing is ever perfect and never will be and I need to make changes in myself to accept that - but I feel that this is some reason as to why I/we have weight problems? we set ourselves totally unachievable goals and then when we don't reach them we beat ourselves up and so the cycle starts again !!!! Does anyone else find this?


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I did comfort eat back then, but I used to walk for miles when I was younger so it never really showed, must have been burning it off. But I hated the attention my brothers got.


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who often felt they were not favoured as much as brother/sisters etc ???
I am the youngest of 3 (two elder brothers). Not only did I feel the least loved, but I was told I was on a regular basis. "Mums always love their boys more", "nothing like the first child......" "you were a mistake", "aaahhh, but they have brains....we are proud of that.....you will just be a little housewife...so there is little to say about you" and so on....yawn

Though I think in many ways I am the product of a bizarre upbringing, I don't think my weight problem is related.

Maybe an hereditary problem though...addictive personality, hormone imbalance possibly?
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I am the eldest of 3 and my 2 younger brothers used to mock me constantly as a child and calling me 'piggy' and 'fatty' even though I was a normal, healthy weight child with not a spare lb on me!

They have always both been tall and skinny- still are, where I am shorter and have big boobs lol.

Anyway, the point of this is, I think that the reason I have overeaten my whole life (it got worse as I got older though) was because in my mind I always thought I was fat- because of the names I was called as a child. So that even when I wasn't fat, I believed that others thought I was, and that was all that mattered. I couldn't see myself for what I really was, and as I grew older I didn't care about the damage I was doing to myself by putting on weight- cos no matter how much I weighed, in my reflection I always saw a 'fatty'. Its only recently that I have realised that I am indeed now a 'fatty' but that it hasn't always been the case- I can undo the damage I have caused to myself, and can already notice the physical change in myself and my fitness. So although I can't undo the damaged cause by my brothers, I can now see that they were just being fickle children and it shouldn't be a reason for me to be depressed for the whole of my adult life. Hence I am doing CD!

Phew, sorry had to get that off my chest! xx

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