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Are you weird like me?


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I am only a couple of weeks into SW but I have done this for a while. Do you ever look into peoples baskets/trolleys why shopping and think ooh they are doing SW they are doing WW etc. I do this all the time but I also make up stories for them.
Once I saw a guy with a box of tissues, bottle of vodka and a my little pony. Was convinced he was up to weird sex games lol.
I am always concious now when I buy stuff that other people might do the same lol!
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Unfortunately I have my groceries delivered these days either from Tesco or Asda so my shopping trolley 'nosy' days are over, but I always used to have a good old look especially if I was waiting in the check out queue......so you not on your own.

I love your account of the guy with the 'weird s*x game items' in his trolley, LOL......


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Once I saw a guy with a box of tissues, bottle of vodka and a my little pony. Was convinced he was up to weird sex games lol.
Hi Bellybee,

Funny how we see things...:rolleyes:

I would of thought the poor Dad, he must have a very sick child and he bought her 'My little pony' to comfort her...the tissues are for his tears because he is heart broken and the bottle of vodka to drown his sorrow and kill his emotional pain when he is at home alone.:cry:

Love Mini xxx


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I ALWAYS look in other peoples trolleys! Especially I'm ashamed to say if they happen to be on the big side. Invariably it's full of white bread ,pasties, junk food, full sugar pop & think how sad it is that it's cheaper to feed growing families on cr*p (tho it isn't really) and store up health problems for the future. But you can tell a SW member by the stuff they have in theirs! I'm often amazed by how much booze is in trolleys at 8.30 in the morning! Hopefully some of them are buying for their B&Bs!


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Working in a supermarket I get to do this all day and I do it A LOT im afraid to admit.
Judimac, your right about the booze in the mornings, we sometimes have people queuing for 8am when they can buy there booze. Its even worse on a Sunday waiting for 12.30 to come round. We have had all sorts of suggestions from people about getting their booze out of the shop before the time. They say..."could I take it and come back and pay for it later?" or "Could you put through something else for the same price and I will pay for it that way?". I dont think some people realise IT IS THE LAW!!!!!
Anyhoo, back to the original topic.............I do enjoy looking through baskets and trollies and I do laugh at some combinations. I will never foget 2 main shops. 1 person bought a pot plant, a packet of buscuits and condoms. You could tell that they were buying the other things to cover the embarrasment of the condoms. The other story is where somebody bought condoms and a tin a red bull.............I just giggles to myself thinking "ooooohh, he must need the extra energy!!". Im immature and I know it :) :) :) :) :)
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Yeah I'm a trolley/basket inspector!
I try to do it quite subtly but I do love having a bit of an gander. I try not to judge people or make assumptions on what they're buying, but it does upset me sometimes when I see a mum and kids with bottles of sugary pop, white bread, biscuits, packet foods and ready meals and absolutely nothing fresh in their trollies.

You're right about spotting the sw/ww ers. Quark's a definite giveaway.

I am so proud of my basket though, I'd be quite happy if people were looking at mine. There's always so much fruit and veg, low fat things and of course, quark!! Oh, and the odd pork pie for Boyf! LOL!


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I have always "trolley/basket watched" because I am pretty nosy! :D
What has always amazed me is that, on the whole, it's the really large people who pile their trolleys with all the chocolate, crisps and junk.
The thin ones, without fail, have their trolleys piled with all healthy things ;)

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