Argh day 2 and its gone wrong already :o(


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Yesterday was ok, was hungry but did ok, ate all my points.

Today had late breakfast (saw new year in so was bit tired this morning and got up later) but was still hungry the minute I had finished eating and it kind of went down hill from then lol

I suppose my answer is in the text above, slight change of routine affected my eating but I feel such a failure already!

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Nope you are not a failure. When I started 2 years ago I did just the same started on New Years Day and just didn't get into it and almost gave up it was January 29th before it all clicked ... now 114lbs down so don't give up just yet. The real secret to successful dieting is IMO the ability to say went wrong lets start again and keeping on.

Keep going with the support on here you will do it they pick you up through the bad times and praise you in the good

Take care



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keep with it and you'll be fine. I always say the weight on slowly so it will come off slowly. Even if you stay the same thats a great achievement.


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Your not a failure, just draw a line under today and start a fresh tomorrow.


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I agree with M, learn from mistakes, take each day as a new day and you will be fabulous! I have days when I struggle to eat all my points and days when theyre all gone by 4pm!! Guess its all about choosing not only the healthiest option but also the most filling option.


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Hello and welcome! I agree with everyone else. The first few weeks are the hardest but it gets easier.

I notice you are from am I. Whereabouts? I am from Penzance.



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Thank you girls, not sure why today has been so bleugh but will get back to it straight away, onwards and upwards (or downwards on scales anyway!).

lea - I am at Carn Brea so not hugely far from you!


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Iv just posted a similar thread although admittidly im abit more dramatic,lol.
Im glad someones in the same boat as me, iv failed today and its only day two. Makes me wonder wether i will ever lose the weight!

We'l both start again tomorrow. i will lose the weight even if it does take me a lifetime to get started!

Good Luck x

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Hi, just found your post - sorry its taken so long but with New Year and all that...

Hope you are back on track and not beating yourself up too much about your blip.