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Arrrgghhh Help!!

Sorry need to vent - feeling crap at the moment, the major cravings have started, feel fed up of having to diet all the while and just want to be normal :cry:

Dont want to feel like this anymore - I am hanging on by a very thin thread, but I am terrified for the coming weekend.

I am going to Germany for the weekend to see my bestest friend. I had hoped to diet through it, but I am terrified I am not going to be able to - I havent been able to in the past!! :cry:

My mind is making up excuses to eat now because of the weekend, I know its not right, Ill know I am only putting off the inevitable but arrrrrgghhhh!!! Just want it to end...:cry:

Sorry for the rant...
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poor you hun what day are you on ? the first week is so hard xx
Im on day 2 and struggling - I have just got to the point where I have had enough. I have tried and failed so many times before and I know I need to put it behind me, but the carb withdrawel always makes my head see otherwise.

I know I am thinking irrationally right now and I know its the cravings but I cant help it!!! I just wish I had the strength to do this, just dont feel like I have at the moment.

I dont know what to do for Germany :confused::(:cry:

Just trying going to my Mum for advice, she just shrugged...she always manages to have a big shop and buy things she never normally does like biscuits when I am trying to do a TFR!!!! :mad:
Oh dreaming I am having a moment just like you, it started about 1 hour ago when I tried on my wedding dress and just feel sooooo fed up, I really feel so annoyed at myself for leaving it so late to my wedding...grrrr:cry:

Its weird cause I'm not hungry but am just craving normal food and I don't actually know how I'm going to carry on for the next 8 weeks with wedding bbqs and hen do's. Sorry now I'm ranting on your thread! I guess we just have to try our best and if we can't do it for a day or 2 then we can't but its better than not doing it at all x
Awwww hun when are you getting married? Oh please vent away on here, if it makes you feel better thats a good thing. One positive is that while Im venting on here, Im not stuffing my face with food like I normally would.

I dont know what I am going to do, Mum has just given some good advice in take each day at a time, which Im trying to do, but I dont want to go through this crap get into ketosis, only to have to go through it again when I get back from Germany!!!! Im actually dreading going and I love Germany, its the only time I get to see my bestest friend!!!


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feel fed up of having to diet all the while and just want to be normal :cry:
But that's just it don't you see? Stick to this and you wont have to diet all the time!
We've all been there in those first few days. It can be hell. But one day at a time and you'll soon be in ketosis and realise that just because you want to eat you don't have to.
You wont be hungry
You will be losing weight very quickly
You will get your energy levels back
I'm currently watching OH eat the pizza and garlic bread that I cooked. There was a bit of meat left on the knife and I thought cor I'll have that. But I stopped myself and just chucked it into the bin. It doesn't mean I didn't want to eat it. I just don't want to go out of ketosis and blow this. I find this time of day the hardest and can be a right grumpy cow!


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Oh Dreaming hun, don't give up!!! Get busy! Distract yourself! Sort out that cupboard/drawer/handbag/photo album that you've been putting off. Go out for a walk. Put on a dance-exercise dvd and shake your booty. Do something EXCEPT reaching out for that biscuit.

And as for your mom...watch out for saboteurs. I've learnt that there are some folk who should never know that you're on a VLCD (or any diet for that matter) because they won't support you.

I know socialising usually means eating for far too many of us and yet it doesn't have to be that way. Can you schedule to do other things on your own when you friend is eating? And if you think that will make it a miserable trip for you, perhaps going for one of the Exante options that allows you to eat some conventional food may help??? At least then you won't pig out on all the wrong things.

But don't give up hun!!! Now up you get and occupy yourself until that wave of weakness disappears! xxx
aw thank u! It definitely does help, its nice to talk to others going through it! My wedding is 8 weeks and 3 days away and I need to lose 2 stone. I'm 11.10 now so would really like to be 9.10, I just don't know if its enough time :confused:

Really feel for you hun as you have Germany so close to starting, but you can do this, have you talked to your friend about it? Maybe she could pack the weekend out with things that don't involve eating and will keep you busy?


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I am on day 1 and think i hVE JUST SURVIVED. Day 2 tomorow, i have done the cambridge b4 and stuck it out 3weeks and caved in. WE can do this, can;t we. Yes it is hard but we don;t want to be fat do we, with support of others and us supporting each other we all will be slimmer next month. good luck all xxx


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Dream, you have really helped to make it active on here this week. I have loved coming on looking for your posts. You are a bright, shining star and from day 1 I felt you will get to goal this time. I believe in you, so you believe in you :)

I was 7 stone less last summer!! Lost weight through SW then LC and put it all back on and some. This has been on ongoing battle for 10 years now. But I will not be beat. If I fail, I am facing weight loss surgery as a last resort. I want to be able to turn it down, so I keep imagining myself slim lol...Visualisation is a powerful tool. See yourself how you aim to be, not how you are. Look beyond Germany and see it as a step in the path, not a block in it.

Whatever you decide to do in Germany, we shall still be here when you get back. Supporting you whatever choices you make. I feel if you make this plan work for you while you are away, you will feel empowered for weeks. You will know then that you can jump over any hurdle! (((hugs)))

Andrea, you will lose the weight you want to and you will look stunning on your day (and beyond) Do not put the thought out there that you wont. As that can be a self fulfilling prophecy. Like I said to Dreamer, see yourself as you want to be and you will get there :) (((hugs)))

Good luck buddies!xxx


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I am on day 1 and think i hVE JUST SURVIVED. Day 2 tomorow, i have done the cambridge b4 and stuck it out 3weeks and caved in. WE can do this, can;t we. Yes it is hard but we don;t want to be fat do we, with support of others and us supporting each other we all will be slimmer next month. good luck all xxx

Thanks for that Calligas :) Nice to have you with us in the support rally :)

Good luck on your plan x
Awwww thanks all! You are all so sweet!!

Feeling happier now as craving has passed...for now! lol. I know I can do this, heck if I can do CD for 12weeks and sit through one of my friends eating chinese (which is my favourite food) TWICE!! I can most definitely do this!! I have so many plans to look forward to, climbing kilimanjaro for charity, wanting to join the RAF and so many more...the first step in the ladder is losing weight. I know that if I can just hold onto that step all my dreams will come true and I will be on top of the world!!!

Welcome Calligas and goodluck on your journey! We can do this and we will do it together!

Andrea - You will be slimmer for your wedding day and you will be happier! Remember its the happiest day of your life and no matter what weight or size you are - your fiancee is marrying you for YOU!!! You will be a beautiful, gorgeous bride and the attention and envy of many on that day no matter what size or weight you are! Just enjoy it hun!!

Trying not to think about Germany - its my friends bfs birthday which will probably involve food, unfortunately my bestest friend is my eating buddy as well!! I love German food and chocolate, and her Nan is the best cook - thankfully she does know about the diet and hopefully her Nan wont cook this time!!

But one step at a time.. :D Thanks for all of your support!!!


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Maybe you should go with a plan to stick with it, but accept damage limitation if need be. Try to stick as closely to low carb as you can and you shouldn't go far wrong s
Some practical suggestions?

How you feel today IS the carb withrawal, the first-few-days blues and it will pass. Like we were saying on the other thread just take it from pack to pack and drink LOADS of water.

By tomorrow you could be in ketosis and wondering what all the fuss was about.......;)

Just stick with it, you're in the hardest phase right now and it can feel like it's never going to end but trust me it does. I've been there, done that and I know what I'm talking about. If you can just get through today you can do this.

Germany - it's not going to be a problem for you cos what you are going to do is eat, but sensibly and in a way that will not take you out of ketosis again. You will have your packs with you I hope, so have 2-3 of them a day in place of meals. If you HAVE to eat then choose food wisely. You can have chicken, fish, eggs or tofu, and you can have green leafy veg or green salad. Make sure you avoid bread, cereals, rice, potatoes, starchy root veg, veg that isn't green in colour and sauces if you can. It'll be fine! Stay off the beer, stick to water or at a pinch diet coke.

Your bestest friend will understand and be supportive, or she's not the friend you think she is.

One of the things I like about Exante is that as long as you think about what you are doing it can be very flexible, even in the early days. If you need to eat then eat, but don't go burying your face in cake ffs eat little and sensibly!

You can do this. You want to do this, hell you NEED to do this and you can't let all of us down as well as yourself.

Go and have a lovely weekend, but do it within the confines if the diet and you will be just fine. Enjoy yourself! :D
Thanks Yambabe - you be a motivational speaker!! :)

I will aim to stick to the diet and be as good as I can if I have to eat. Drinks arent a problem as I mostly drink water anyway and dont drink alcohol. My problem is German Food = Carb Fest..hehe so its safer to go the avoidance route if at all possible!!


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I don't think we are allowed to put contact info on here chick. I am not 100% though :)
It's hard but will be sooooooooo worth it:) Take one day at a time, before you know it the days will mounts up and the lbs will be gone.
I am sure your friend will understand, just have a nice time in Germany without the food and drink. Can do other stuff together....this diet a time to re-evaluate your relationship with food.
Good luck with your decision..you got to do what's right for you xx

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