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somehow I have gained 4lbs this week!

I drink my water, I dont go over 1500 cals, all my proportions are right and I exercise.

The scales are creeping up day by day and its really disheartening me. I haven't deviated once and I have been in ketosis the whole time.

I'm getting to the point where I have just had enough
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Rach, I know how disheartening a prolonged stall or gain can be when you think you're doing everything right. Believe me, I know! :rolleyes:

I also know that everyone says you don't need to worry about calories, but I have to ask if 1500 is enough of a deficit? I was startled to learn how much I was taking in every day. :eek:

Can you plug your details into BMR Calculator and then work out what your calorie intake should be using the Harris Benedict Equation link?

Other than that, are you using a tracker such as fitday or fatsecret to accurately track your intake?

Sorry for being so blunt, but I was amazed at how much over my calorie deficit I was before I started scrutinizing things. :eek:

The flipside of course is that you might have too much of a deficit for continued weight loss and your body's refusing to shed any more!
I am using fatsecret, and to be honest I am rarely hitting 1500, the most really is 1200!

I wouldnt usually panic but I have 3 weeks until I go back to uni and I really wanted to get another 7lbs off

I am going to up my exercise today, and restart the 30 day shred see if that helps a bit x
Best of luck with that Rachael, love. I hope it picks up for you soon.

I was getting all excited about an apparent loss, but it's creeping back up of course as the days go on.


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I have to admit as someone who only believed for 30 years that I could only lose weight on 8oo kcals, even when I was a SW consultant. I haven't counted my kcals once on this. It was hard at first. I haven't cooked with oil for years, let alone butter. I only ever had butter in the fridge at Christmas & used mustard instead of any kind off spread. Cheese was eaten then or on holiday (even then I would feel guilty!) & I can tell you the calories count of a meal just by looking a the plate :(

I was too scared to count them at first on this & now I don't care. I know I can lose weight on this (if I stay off they wine or cider-they do stall me ;)) I don't even follow Atkins, just try to keep my carbs under 20g.

I know your both struggling & everyone is different, but I think what I'm trying to say is try to trust this way of eating without getting too tied up with calories, it might not be helping.

I hope this doesn't sound preachy, I've been 3 stone heavier than this in the past so I'm not someone saying I've only got a couple of stone to lose & this change is easy. I've struggled all my life & changing to this way of eating was completely terrifying. I did it firstly to try to control IBS which has ended in an op. It did within days so I'm not ever tempted by bread or pasta or grains, I don't want to go back to that pain & missing out on things.

I's sure I would pass out if I started to count the calories I'm eating & if I kept cutting down it would affect my loss.

Hope you both find the answer.

All the best with your journey

Love Sharon xx
Yes, unless you are seriously stalling for weeks and weeks it's not about the calories.