As good as it looks and tastes....


The Diet Guy
I was chatting with a client last night who is fixated at the minute with a pot noodle (not sure why but hey!!)

It reminded me the whole time I was on the diet that M&S had an advert on the TV for a chocolate pudding that was full of melted chocolate and everytime they put the spoon it it poured chocolate all out of the plate and looks wonderful.

Throughout the diet I promised myself that would be the first treat when I finished and that I could wait until then.

Anyway I finished the 1500 maintenance plan on the Friday back in Feb and went and got a 2 pack from M&S in Yarmouth. I was a bit nervous as I didn't want to put 10 stone back on with one mouthful (you know how mad we all are!) so I shared one with Jo.

Anyway it was ok!! You know just ok!! Yes it tasted nice and was lovely etc etc etc but compared to being skinny it was a moment on the lips and something to say "That's yummy" but then 2 minutes later it is gone.

So however much you think this weekend that a slice of bread, a bit of ham, a jaffa cake or a bar of chocolate is going to be the best thing ever I promise you that it may taste nice but ultimately it is just going to push you towards a place you really don't want to go to.

Be good all :)
A fantastic and encouraging post Mike!

A friend of mine who was on CD but took a break to go on holiday said that after 3 months of SSing and wildly anticipating eating 'real' food, she found it a 'disappointment' and not the orgasmic experience she'd expected.

I hope that once I reach the maintenance stage, food will no longer be the axis of my existance and I'll have things in perspective like you. :)
Very, very true.

I think you should write a book for all dieters out there with all your insights.

Currently I keep reminding myself that water is 'a fab drink that melts away the fat' every time a fill up my water bottle!
That's a great post Mike and oh so very true!!! However lovely any type of food is it really does only last for a few minutes then it's over!! I think this is why i binge cos i try to make the pleasure last as long as possible!! It's NEVER worth it though cos i always feel rubbish afterwards!!
brilliant post Mike and so true. going to use that a lot over the coming weeks xx
Fab post Mike and so true, I hate weekends, I really struggle and this is a nice reminder!
Fantastic post mike and definitely true.

Was sooo looking forward to normal food when I took a break for my week's hol at the end of May, and yes we had a great time, but you know what, the food was only a tiny part of that enjoyment. Being slim feels sooo much better :D

WOW, guess that means I really am learning on this journey. Start maintenance on Monday and plan to keep that thought firmly in the front of my mind :)
Great Message:) !!!
Weekends are very difficult, everyone, aren't they? I find each day a struggle so maybe it's just me ..........:rolleyes:
BUT I have sooo stuck to the lipotrim plan this week, I've actually realy surprised myself:eek: I'm starting the refeeding next Tesday, then we are away for 4 days, and when I get back I'm going to go over the cd. Just think it's more flexible than the lipotrim.
It's good to read encouraging messages like that one
I am hoping when I get to goal that Mike I have your mind set! Please!!!

I don't crave is nuts and more nuts when I get a craving.

Well done Anne-Marie for sticking with your diet. I don't think any diet is easy, but I do find vlcd gives results and that makes it more doable for me and weekends are the toughest I find.

Love Mini xxx
So very true Mike. I only wish something would taste as nice as I imagined when I was on cambridge.

weekends are the toughest I find.

Hang in there Mini. Plan your day. Split your packs. Talk on here :)
Thought I'd bump up this post as it is fab - Thanks Ice! It has strengthened my resolve - and I was wavering tonight!
thats the good thing about alcohol... the experience is prolonged lol ;)