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Aspire - Any guinea pigs out there?


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Apparently Holland and Barret have recently released a drink called Aspire that burns 210 calories within the 1st 180 minutes of consuming it. I do plenty of exercise and therefore it isn't essential for me, but it would prove a useful tool when I'm not going the gym on certain days.

Has anyone tried/had results from this drink or drinks of a similar nauture?
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I call BS on things like these since there is no way to measure how many calories it burns, we don't have a little counter installed on our bodies so we can easily see lol.
Not only that, does that amount pretty much equate to most people's BMRs anyway? 210 cals over 3 hours, means 1680 cals over 24 hours, I wouldn't think that'd be significantly more than what you burn anyway?


gettingfitat50 said:
On website it say £1.69 buy 1 get 1 half price.

I'll be your Guinea pig as I'm not on any diet so it would be interesting to see if it worked with a healthy eater.

I will get a weeks supply tomorrow in town and do it for 7 days,1 a day,keep a food diary and weigh on day 1 and day 7.You will be able to follow it in the Healthy eating forum.:)
Can I join you too please? I'll go get some from town and have it alongside exercise/healthy eating & a bit of CC be great to have a little boost as im going on my holidays in 2 weeks :) x


Just bought 4 cans (I'll be back in town Monday so I'll buy more then) and I'll have first can when I get home and fingers crossed it'll do summat :)


Just had my first can - it didn't taste how I expected but it was pretty nice anyway :cross: it works!!! :D


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It does seem too good to be true... I wonder if it works when following a VLCD?


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Even if it works, which i seriously doubt , you are going to have to drink a hell of a lot of it to see any difference in weight

To lose an additional pound a week you would need to drink around 17 cans if you burn 209 calories per can. At £1-69 a can it sounds like a great money making scheme to me :sigh:


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Ha ha yeah, £30 to lose a pound in weight. Doesn't sound so appealing now.
It's probably not much more expensive than the other sorts of energy drinks like Monster and Rockstar and such. ;) It also has the caffeine boost even if it doesn't burn those cals, so I'm considering a bulk buy for those early uni mornings myself. Even a pound is still good per week, over 7 weeks that's half a stone for a drink I'd drink anyway. :)
Oh and there's vitamins in the drink too. Just another lil plus since I can find it hard to get enough vitties without multivitamins sometimes. I have a bit of an absorbtion issue. xx
Let me know how it goes gettingfitat50 xx
If that Aspire really works you've just burned that yummy gingerbread man off ;) Besides, a treat is alright provided its an occasional one x

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