At TOTM is this normal?


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On the whole having a good CD day- wearing clothes I've not worn for ages, had my first lovely, lovely choc bar.

But now- I'm feeling, as I did last night, since about 3pm, quite weak, a bit light headed and starvingly, starvingly hungry.

I've had 2 foodpacks so far today, haven't cheated at all at any point, have been sorting out paperwork all afternoon, so not over active, though on the go I suppose. Have had 3 and a half litres of water so far and still glugging away.

However-it's day 3 of my period- so, I wondered, could that be a reason? I've had great energy levels generally til now.
Hi Kate,

TOTM does put extra stress on your body and you do need to take it easy...drink more water and see does that help.

Also sitting in the one place for too long does not help, doing paper work without having small breaks does take it out of you.

Also I found at the start that the bars did knock me out of ketosis to start with and also they gave me very bad wind, but then I got use to them.

Dividing up your packets and having them through out the day will help and it is easy to divide the bar up.

I forget who it is that can divide the bar into 30 pieces:eek: I do about 1/4 of that at best.

Feet up and take it easy.

Love Mini xxx