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i`m starting Cd tom straight from atkins, i`m already in ketosis but have had hardly any loss for a month.
My cdc said that her and head office are doubtful that i will have a big first loss.

Just wanted to know if anyone has gone straight from Atkins to Cd and what was there first few losses like.
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Back on the wagon
Hi hun,
Welcome to CD. I haven't done atkins before but wanted to wish you luck with your new journey!

Good luck for your first WI!



Queen of the Damned
I wouldn't expect you to have a big loss as you won't have much of a glycogen store having been on a low-carb plan before starting CD. But make sure you measure yourself, as you may see a nice inch loss :D


Trying to stay healthy!
hi buffy! welcome to world of CD'ing, i have been on and off atkins for the last few years with no significant loss to speak of, i wasn't in ketosis when i started cd as i'd had a few carbs the weekend before but i still lost 7lbs in my 1st week, in my 2nd week now and loving it and can't wait for weigh in tomorrow!!
thanks, i would just like to start losing again as i haven`t loss anything for a while now, even though in ketosis.
But i was measured today so hopefully i can notice something happening, even if no lbs.
started this morning, after checking ketostix(i was in ketosis) had 1st shake at 8, but found myself starving by 12 thewn again at 5.
I wasn`t hungry at all during atkins.
Just checked ketostix and am still in ketosis.
Not sure why i`m hungry, my stomach is proper rumbling, thought maybe just my body confused as to where food has gone??
Any body else get hungry in ketosis.


Queen of the Damned
It could well be your body adapting to the change - you have gone from eating to not eating, your body is bound to be confused!
not so hungry today, thank god.
felling quite cold though, hope this is normal.

managed to lose 2lb in the 1st day.................so really loving CD now., makes you more determind to not eat
Buffy, what is that picture on your avitar?
Lynne x


Silver Member
I'm on day three & this is the worst day so far! I'm freezing too, but apparently it's normal.... I've lost 5lb so far.....! Must be holding onto alot of water!


Queen of the Damned
You're body doesn't have enough energy to keep you warm cos it's burning it all to make up for the lack of calories. I call it keto-cold - tis a good sign, but man it makes you wanna wrap up in loads of layers!!


Queen of the Damned
I've bought myself some fleece blankets from Matalan, and tuck myself up in them :eek:
hunger gone today, and am having 2nd pack now, didn`t feel i needed it but having it anyway.
I had cappacino this morn, and even though i had it with 330ml water it still felt too thick,
Just wondering if it was ok, to divide the powder up into 2, so i could have another later in the day?
Does any one else do this?
Thanks for any replies.


Silver Member
I do! I have my breakfast shake then a half of a vanilla one with coffee in at 2 ish. Then I have my tea shake, & at about 8ish I have another vanilla with coffee..... I just put a mug full of water in then add 19g (half) of the shake.

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