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Atkins Flu


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On my 3rd day now...and am sure i have the atkins flu symptoms...yukkkk.
My head is hurting and i feel shattered...think my leg muscles have turned into ten ton weights and have decided to give up when wanting to walk lollll
Am gunna persevere though and am sooo hoping this wont last to long.
At least im in ketosis though since i checked with the sticks.
Anybody have any ideas on anything to help with the syptoms...or do u just need to wait for it to pass.
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early night xx
sorry did nt give you much sympathy ........... but its a good indicator that you are doing well xx
yes but the next day .............. got up cleaned the house , walked the dog , did the garden .............. and that was in the first hour !!!


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Water, water, water - it does help! And cut yourself some slack - the chores will disappear in a flash when your energy burst arrives ;)


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yes yes yesssss....i NEED this energy burst that ive heard so much about, from what ive seen people seem to go on an all out cleaning frenzy on it !!!!!!!
Im drinking 2litres of water a day...wish i could manage more...but i think i might drown in it if i do, my belly feels like its about to burst like a balloon from water intake :eek::eek::eek:
i can hear you sloshing from here ! xx


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It only lasts a few days love and then it's great :D


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Well onto day four now and am feeling crappolaaaaa today.
Got up this morning after sleeping for 9 hours (yes 9 hours) and felt soooo awful after an hour i was back on the sofa asleep again.

Feel very lethargic today and my head is killing me, and all my limbs are aching like mad, have spent much of the day wallowing in self pity on the sofa lollllll, as ive had no energy to do anything at all.

Ended up having an atkins phase indulgence bar :eek: (even though i dont agree with having them)...bcoz i knew if i didnt that i was going to derail all my efforts this week.
Its coming up to that ToTM for me and the sugar cravings have been a nightmare to cope with this week, so instead of heading straight for the choccies and biscuits i did the best thing i could and had one of these instead...so am hoping it doesnt knock me out of ketosis as ive been very good apart from this one indulgence.
oh heck .................thought your house would be spotless by now ........ sorry you are suffering , agree with the atkins bar .sending cyber hugs xx


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awww thanks hun x lol

Maybe it will kick in tommorow for me as this has been the worst day for me so far...as jim says it doesnt last to long.

Wish i had as much energy at the mo as your profile pic on here ha ha


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I felt like crap on days 3 and 4 and then woke up on day 5 feeling ace! Its good to have the atkins flu though, at least you know you're on the right track!


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Thanks for that k.k.
Yes im hoping tomorrow will be better.
But just hoping that atkins choccy bar hasnt knocked me off track, still its gotta be better than going on an all out binge of normal chocolate and biscuits which is what i would normally do !!!!


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Keep the water going! It really helps.
Mine lasted three days but I was a whirlwind after that. It doesn't last forever so bear with it. Just remember how it feels now and be sure not to knock yourself out of ketosis and have to go through it again. Good luck sweetie.


Mad Take Thatter!
S: 9st6lb C: 8st7lb G: 8st5lb BMI: 20.4 Loss: 0st13lb(9.85%)
I had a couple of atkins bars last week and didnt realise until after I'd eaten them that one of them was not for induction!! I was so mad with myself for not checking, but it didnt throw me out of ketosis or stall me thank god. I like to keep the bars handy incase I wake up one morning and cannot bear the thought of another egg lol


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thanks guys :)

well am finely feeling muchhhhh better today, still a tinge of a headache and some sickness, but omggggg....the energy woooshhhh fairy has definately visited me and gave me a double dose i think lol
i havent been able to sit still all day.. gardening...shopping....housework....walking etc etc :eek:

hope i havent derailed myself tonight though, picked up some corned beef tonight with 0 carbs in it...ate three slices and then happened to look at the ingredients and oh oh its got sugar in :eek::eek::eek:...i didnt even think to look for sugar in it, was being all good looking at the 0 carbs in it
should be ok ............. glad you feel better x

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