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Atkins for life

Hi all, I've just moved from LT 100% to Atkins. I lost 15lbs in 2weeks on LT so I'm firmly in ketosis now.
Started the day off with scrambled egg and some cheese.
DH made us an amazing courgette soup for lunch.
Dinner will be a BBQ, veggie skewers with lamb giggots. Yum yum yum...

I did an alternative of Atkins last year called 'The idiot proof diet' I dunno how those women are allowed to produce that book...What a load of me eye!! There was nothing in it about portion sizes etc I was eating veg & meat like it was going out of fashion. I did lose weight but I'd say I could have lost a lot more if I had just gone and bought Atkins book.

I bought the New Diet Revolution Atkins and I have to say it makes so much sense now!! Especially the portion sizes etc.

I'm determined to get to 135lbs in the long run but for now I'll leave my ticker as it is.

I'm delighted with my weight loss so far. I have PCOS and insulin resistance so this is the most perfect diet for me and I'm going to make sure I stay on it this time.

Today is Day 1 of the rest of my VERY HEALTHY life :character00180:
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This is for life
Hello and welcome:)
Agree this is definitely a healthy way of life!


Clean green leafy machine
Welcome and enjoy your new WOE :)
Ah thanks for the lovely welcome.
I was keeping an eye on recipes thread when I was on LT so I have a few good ones saved.
Absorbing the book at the mo so that I don't make any bad decisions..
All in all feeling great ('',)
Feeling so much better today. Had severe wooziness, nausea and lack of energy yesterday think it must have been a 24 virus or something? :grumble:
Anyhoo haven't fallen off the wagon. Having a good food day today. Had boiled eggs with butter for brekky, then tuna mayo with celery sticks for lunch and going to have roast chicken with my signature gravy (chicken juice, egg yokes & double cream) & salad for dins.
Hopefully I'm going to start walking/cycling this week when I gain some more energy.
The sun is shining today...
It's a good day :D


Clean green leafy machine
Great sounding menu (especially the gravy!) and well done for sticking to it, depsite having what sounds like the Atkins flu! :)


Clean green leafy machine
It does rock :)

How do you make the gravy?
Well it all starts with the chicken. I cover it in butter put a little bit inside and also a whole lemon inside ( you can leave this out so you don't stall ) with some rosemary. Then I cook the chicken as normal.
When it is done I drain all the juice out of the chicken into a pot and everything from the roasting tin including the juicy crusty bits that stuck to the bottom of the tin.
I seperate 2 eggs and whisk up the yokes in a bowl then add some cream and whisk it all together in the pot on a lowish heat. If its too thick just add some chicken bouillion...
Yum yum yummy


This is for life
Ooh that sounds good:)
Thanks gals, I'm doing brill now. The chicken was ALL that I had been dreaming of when I was on LT for those 2 weeks. YUMMY!! :eat:

The only problem I'm having is trying to get my greens in. I was wondering if celery would be considered as greens? I had celery with tuna mayo for lunch. (I'm on nights & the thoughts of waking up and eating a salad just aren't appetising & then my breaky needs to be as bland as possible because my taste buds are so sensitive at that time of the morning I'm just not in the humour of making anything too exciting). I had boiled eggs with butter this morning. Going to make a chicken curry for dinner & have a side salad.
I'm really loving not having a sweet tooth. My head is so clear now that I'm not craving rubbish.
Yay for atkins!!!
I drink loads of water anyway but having a little constipation the last 3 days... I take psyillium husks always so maybe I might just increase them a bit or just hang on another day to see if anything happens as I've only been on Atkins for 5 days so far.

Loving Atkins though by far the best I have felt in a LONG TIME... :happy036:
Next mission is getting myself to the gym... Will hang on until I'm finished my nights on thursday..


Clean green leafy machine
Hi hun - you can solve your constipation through eating greens - try mixing in some shredded lettuce or cabbage with your curry, it's actually really nice - or make cauli rice mmmm :)
Hehe I put in shredded cabbage & things started 'moving' LOL..
Best curry I've ever had I've never made a curry from scratch before ..
Very yummy and healthy and no additives / sugar. WHOOP WHOOP!!!


Clean green leafy machine
Glad you enjoyed it, the leafy greens will do it every time :)

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