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Atkins Guy on Lipotrim

Hi all,

Thanks for a good forum. Enjoyed most of the reads. I am about to start my 3rd day on Lipotrim and it is going well. Well, except for my horrible mood since I can't eat, but I'll live. I follow Atkins and have done so for 3 months with good results. I am Lipo since it is based on ketosis as well and I wanted to kickstart my weight loss again. I have lost 25lbs so far in the 3 months on Atkins.

Anyone here who has experience doing Lipotrim and then going to Atkins after 2 weeks or so? I love Atkins and I am surely going back on it after these weeks.

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Not got experiance of doing Lipotrim then going onto Atkins (or any experiance of Atkins for that matter). However, while the first two weeks of loss on Lipotrim can seem impressive, you have to bear in mind that up to around 80% of this is going to be water weight.

If your body stores say 1kg of glycogen (concentrated energy reserve) in your liver and throughout your muscle tissues, there is 3kg of attendant water. So before you even hit ketosis your body will quite happily live off of glycogen stores which depending on your physical make up can vary. I lost a stone in my first week but it wasn't until my third week I felt any real change in body shape.

What I'm saying is, Lipotrim may be a relatively quick fix for correcting your weight/eating habits but its not that quick if you are going to do Lipotrim then I would recommend committing to it for at least 4 weeks then doing the refeed for the necessary 2 week time period to make sure you actually lose a decent amount of body fat and keep it off.
Thanks for your response. I am aware of the water loss, but it shouldn't apply to me, really. I have been in ketosis for 3 months prior to doing Lipotrim, since I have eaten a strict version of Atkins (less than 20gr of carbs per day).

Right now I have decided to do at least two weeks. It is quite painful not to eat, so I need to set a minimum for myself. My plan was to get another 2 weeks supply and have on hand for later. I am not going out of ketosis for quite a while, since I want to lose another 40 lbs.
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Welcome aboard the LT Roarkman! LT is a miracle worker and so easy to adhere to, as all your choices are taken away!

You've already experienced ketosis so don't have the yuckiness of finding it! I think the bad moods will always be there in the background, it just takes some little thing to trigger the temper! I think you subconsciously feel deprived as everyone around you indulges. I've got to a point were food doesn't bother me at all. In fact I now wonder what all the fuss is about. LT has taught me so much about myself and my eating habits. I now realise that food is a fuel and not a comfort. Emotional and boredom eating was my vice. Hopefully my new mindset sets in stone and stays with me for the rest of my life.

Post if you every feel the need for support, or want any advice. Someone in here has always 'been there, done that'

Looking forward to you posting your first weigh in.
Thanks, Betsy. I have dropped 5lbs in the first 3 days, so I am quite happy.

I have changed my relationship with food greatly on Atkins, but I still love food. I am just set on never eating lots of carbs ever again, since that's the culprit. Fat's good. :)

I am not sure I will be doing weigh-ins here since I am only doing it for two weeks, then back to the world of steak, chicken, fish, bacon, eggs, cheese, vegetables and butter.

Yes, I am hungry! But, not even close to cheating at the end of my 3rd day.
S: 22st7lb C: 9st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 21 Loss: 12st9lb(56.19%)
5lbs in 3 days is fantastic. Yeah carbs seem evil. I haven't yet read up about the benefits of cutting them out but I plan to. I was thinking of adapting an Atkins style plan when I reach goal.

Is it easy to adhere to? I love all meat, eggs, adore fish and veg, and don't mind cheese. So it sounds as if I'd cope on it. I must read up more about it as if I eat too many carbs I bloat and feel poo. So they must be my enemy.
I consider the 5lbs in 3 days amazing, since I was in ketosis already and hence should have gotten rid of all the water before I even started. :)

I think Atkins is easy to stick to. The longer I have been doing it, the less I think about "sticking to it". Now I just get up in the morning and eat my normal food, which is what it has become.

The only thing you HAVE to know is to count your carbs. The level at which you need to be on is individual, but for me it works roughly like this:

Less than 25gr - in ketosis and losing weight
Less than 50gr - don't appear to gain weight

I am usually quite a bit below the 25 gr, since I love that kind of food. Once I reach my goal weight I am pretty much able to eat as much beef, chicken, pork, fish, seafood and vegatables as I want and not gain weight. It is safe to say "as much as you want" because when you eat such satusfying and fat food, it is very difficult to binge. It fills you up and since you don't eat carbs your blood sugar remains low and you don't get cravings after you are satisfied. Not to mention the major health benefit of not developing diabetes!

What I think you will find interesting is the effect carbohydrates have on your body, insulin and metabolism. I find the Atkins book a good, easy read on this topic.

Per my own judgment, I think Atkins would be the ideal partner with LT, since most people who are very obese have a physical problem with carbs and typically enjoy eating fat. One reason I joined this forum is to see whether anyone else has made this connection or I am misled.


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I think you're right - there does seem to be a natural link between LT and Atkins. I did well on Atkins three years ago - losing about 5 stones over 18 months or so. Then life happened (!) and most of it went back on, so here I am on Lipotrim. The trouble was, I think, that although Atkins suited me well it never retrained me about eating in general. The fact I was still eating (quite a lot) and losing weight in a way meant I never really learned the lessons I should have. I am hoping that Lipotrim will make me re-evaluate my relationship with food, and that when I come out the other end I will have the will power and confidence to eat sensibly and healthily.

Good luck to you.

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[FONT=&quot]Hi Jon

I certainly hear what you are saying and whilst being of good intentions feel that I will need a serious talking to when I finish dieting.

The mental process relating to eating sensibly is probably alien to me and I suspect many on this site who have found the need to diet several times.

When at target I aim to stay on the straight and narrow and will continue to seek support from anyone that will give it.

It would be good to know if hypnosis has any effect or failing that a thin friend with a baseball bat.

I have 4 sisters, 3 of whom are all obese (the 4th one is stick thin but has long term depression). My late brother who died young through cancer was also very large and whilst not being a strong believer in 'fat genes' do think that poor diet in the family home contributed to our eating habits albeit sub consciously.
Our Mother was very very overweight and cooked like an Army field kitchen.
We were never fat kids but come our late 20's had all ballooned up.

Perhaps we will all learn but certainly think that the re-education will be harder than the diet.

Best regards[/FONT]

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been thinking of doing Atkins after i reach my goal as a maintenance diet just a bit hard getting my head around eating high fat food and lose weight:confused: and is there any other health concerns with only eating this type of food.
Welsh: You need to draw your own conclusions, but I feel very confident that a low carb, high fat diet not only helps you lose weight and maintain weight, but is very healthy. Personally I have not only lost weight, but also improved my health a great deal. The diet has also proven very effective to both prevent and treat diabetes. I have spent a lot of time reading about this, and I also have a personal experience. My friend who has been on insulin shots for many years started the diet with me and after a month he was off insulin all together. Quite amazing, eh? The good news is that this is not an isolated story. Some countries, Sweden being one of them, now recommend this diet for diabetes patients, since it has proven to have positive effects.

The only warnings I have seen are for people with kidney disease or SLE (some kind of disease affecting joints and bones). I have read that people with kidney disease should not do the diet due to the high protein intake and I have read a few cases about people with SLE who get worse.

I think it is the ideal diet for most people who are on Lipotrim. Most of us are obese and we are sensitive to carbohydrates and/or suffer from hyperinsulinism.

The diet puts you in ketosis, which you probably are in right now since you have been on LT for a few weeks. Personally, and many with me, notice that their relationship to food changes without the ups and downs of blood sugar. That is precisely what we need to stay off the carbs and constant eating.

Why don't you pick up the book by Dr Atkins and see what you think of it?

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