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atkins question please help!!!!!!

hi everyone im really sorry to bother you but could i ask for your help on atkins phase one:confused:when it says you can eat sausages and bacon im stuck(sorry if i sound thick) :cry:but where can i get low carb sausages and bacon?also is it right that i can eat mushrooms in the first week?and have coke zero?any help would be much apreciated,i hope ur all doin wellxxxxx
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go to a butcher who makes them fresh ask if he has sausages that are rusk free and bread crumb free, then you can have them, dont buy from supermarkets as you dont know whats in them, you can have the coke and the mushrooms provided its not in excess
any sausage that says it is 98% meat or more is safe, and bacon is OK providing it isn't sweet cure.
OH and mushrooms are a free food according to DANDR '72, you can eat as many of them as you like.

Most of my breakfasts when I was on induction were fried sausage, eggs and bacon, with mushrooms


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The sausages I use are the Toulouse ones from Sainsburys, I was told about these from other atkins doers and I have had them for breakkie every morning since starting 6 days ago and 6lb off so far so they're obviously ok to eat. Try and get them on offer though if you fancy them as they're quite pricey, I stock up when they're on 2 packs for £4. Or like Jim says your local butcher might do some that are really nice and probably loads cheaper LOL


Wannabe Lean!!!
I didn't even know Tesco did them! Are they cheaper? All this meat is costing me a fortune LOL
The bigger ones do Rela, I don't know if they are cheaper though. There is another 100% meat sausage at Tesco, I can't remember the name though, but they are more expensive.
Hi, im just looking through old threads.. just in answer to coke..
Some people think that citric acid slows loss.. out of Diet Coke, Diet pepsi, Pepsi max, the only one that doesnt have this is coke zero.
I drink pepsi max, try not to have more than one can a day as caffeine can throw your blood sugar out if you have a lot.

I would give it a go for maybe 3 days, if your losses slow then stop, if not then you are good to go.

Hi Rach,

the other thing about caffeine is that it is an energy source, your body will use caffeine before it will burn fat, that's why I drink decaf and won't touch any Coke.


Wannabe Lean!!!
I find that on the days I drink more Diet Coke than usual (caff-free obv) I feel quite bloated now and the next days I won't show a loss, whereas if I limit myself to maybe 1 glass / can as a treat then I show a loss (however small) the next day. Its the one thing I'm struggling with as I just love the taste of it and I'm having to force down the water now :(
I know it's difficult isn't it. It's habit with me now. I drink a few mugs of green tea and then it's on to the water for the rest of the day. I might have 1 or 2 decaf coffee's a week.

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