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Hi there! I'm starting Atkins Induction the day after tomorrow. Planning to have as little carbs as possible. Just wondering if carbs that are present in mainly protein things, such as hot dogs or sausages, for example, are ok as long as you count them into your 20 grams a day of net carbs? I am going to try to stick with unprocessed foods as much as possible, but just wondering if these little deviations are ok as long as you count them in your carb count? Or how about black pudding? I really like that but I know there is carbs in it.

Also I heard that diet coke interferes with ketosis, but cause of the citric acid. Does anyone know if this is true? And if so can you recommend any other diet beverages? I am not going to strictly count carbs in my veg, just try to stick to the veg list with the least amount of carbs. Is this ok do you think? I would imagine you would have to eat a substantial amount of veg to go over your carb count. I'm just going to eat as little veg as possible to feel satisfied and stick with unprocessed foods mainly. And cheddar cheese is ok for induction isn't it?

If you have any other advice or info about induction I'd love to hear it. Thanks so much! :D
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Alot of hot dogs & sausages have nitrates in them & they can affect your weight loss. So unless you know they are completely nitrate free, then I would stay away. Your butcher would be the best place to get them from.

Yes it is true that diet coke CAN interfere with ketosis. Some people it does & others it doesn't. You would be best to completely cut it out, but if you really need it, then maybe cut to a can every other day? Then keep an eye on the scales.

With regards to the veg, you really do need to eat the recommended amount of veg per day. As it is with Atkins, you're already not getting no where near what you should be with regards to rda of vits & nutrients. I used to have a huge salad everyday on the Atkins & I still lost great amounts of weight. Cheddar cheese is fine, I ate lots of it on induction.

You really do need to drink alot of water on Atkins, mainly for hydration, but also to help with constipation. If you're not drinking enought, then you will suffer & it's awful!

The best websites I found were for low carbs treats. The Atkins website, which has some great tips & search the net for some good forums in the USA. They really are hardcore when it comes to Atkins. When I was on it, I got some great advice from across the pond.

Goos luck xx


Hi ZoBo! Many thanks for your reply. It was very informative. I'm actually in the US now so I'm going to go check out the low carb options they have to offer. Thanks!