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Unfortunely starlet won't be able to see jims pic's as theres a minimum amount of posts required to see them :(
It does, but one piece of advice I would give is stick to the exact plan. Don't think that you need to calorie count or reduce fat (like I did for a while). I still lost but i've lost more since I started eating more and including more fat. I now have three meals and two snacks (usually cheese) per day and the weight is dropping off!

Join us!
Would the OP be able to see links to the image location (which I can post if you don't mind) rather than in your sig Jim? They are inspirational (especially to me as our start weights were almost identical!) and might convince them to join this great revolution. Soon they'll be reading an article about the dangers of Atkins written by some mug who doesn't understand and then goes on to reccomend a the new weight watchers plan where banana's are a 'free' food and throwing it down in disgust like me! /rant :mad:
OP James?

You need 50 posts to see a signature for some reason or other, but a post with attached photos can be seen as soon as you join. I think you need 50+ posts to be able to post photo's though.

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