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Attack 7 day weigh in

Congratulations! That's great news. Veg is unlimited, although normal portions are probably a good idea!! And keep drinking. The veg makes you retain more water, so you need to need to keep your water levels up to make sure it all get's flushed back out!


** Chief WITCH **
Any weight you "gain" is purely water so it comes straight back off again... the trick is to mentally divide your plate into thirds... one-third veg/salad... and two-thirds protein...

I'm quite good at building my salads vertically to maximise quantity, so I've switched to using a small plate on PV days to thwart my need to construct mountains...
hey tracey we have similar weights to lose are you very adenturous with ur food are just normal and boring like me lol !!
well i like to try new things. i am a self confessed curry addict so am desparately trying to find a recipe for curry sauce or curry flavoured food!! i have to say i have struggled today thinking of what to eat though. xx
im not really into curry ,my OH is ,and im quite happy with a chicken breast and some cottage cheese lol i am boring arent i !!
lol i am getting a bit bored with chicken and not a big fan of cottage cheese. although i am not sure which cottage cheese is allowed and i can only find a low fat one and not fat free.


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The longley farm one is ok (the low fat one) i just cannot stand the taste of it!


** Chief WITCH **
Curry powder is fine so you can make marinades with that... you could marinate fish also perhaps, and prawns...

I eat chicken most days in some form or other, but love it so don't mind... I'm like Jet in that respect. This time though I am trying to be more adventurous in my cooking and marinating which has made it more fun!


** Chief WITCH **
My other half is coming over on Wednesday with instructions to get me one pot of Longley Farm cottage cheese and one pot of Extra Lite Philadelphia... and some toffee/vanilla muller lites. Just so that I know what you're all talking about!

I do love cottage cheese...

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