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Attack Day 1 - here it goes!!

Hiya - have just started on day 1 of attack and have found the site REALLY useful for tips and advice. Think I've made a few slip ups already though and only been on it for 8 hours! Have eaten a whole pot of oaken fat free vanilla yogurt then read that it is too high sugar! Added semi skimmed instead of skimmed milk to my omelette and I'm pretty sure the sainsburys lean mince I used for my meatballs is yoo high in fat!! Never mind- can always start again tomorrow! On the plus side - have never felt so motivated to lose weight as with Dukan - looking forward to it!
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Never Ever Give Up!
Hi Maggie, good luck! I started today as well so we can monitor each other's progress :)
Hi Ladies,
I'm starting on Monday having a good read through my book this weekend!! Maggie they sound like the kind of mistakes i'd make lol. I'm so motivated to shift this baby weight though!! cant wait to get started.
How many days are you ladies on attack for?
Look forward to seeing your positive results
Kate xx
Well I think I'm gonna do 4 days - so Thursday to Sunday- although looks like that has changed to Friday to Monday taking in to account my slip ups! Today can just be the practice day!! How long are you planning on attack for? X
hi, im on day 1 today also.

so far today had breakfast of oatbran gallette, lunch was a piece of salmon, grilled with a squeezed half a lemon, along with a piece of steak rubbed with garlic.

good luck ladies, im doing it for 7 days
Hi Allyson - good luck! What was your gallette like? Think I will make one tomorrow for brekkie. Not really a big cook but the recipe sounds easy enough! Made my first ever meatballs for lunch today - this diet will definitely make me cook from scratch more xx
I'm having Greek fat free yogurt - think it is called total - and have been adding splenda sweetener to it. Too much sweetener actually, feel abit sick from it now!! But it is stopping me wanting chocolate!! Xx


Never Ever Give Up!
Depending how quick I lose the weight I might be on for 5 days. I have the 0% fat Greek yoghurt as tehre's no sugar in there at all and I just love it. Had scrambled eggs for brekkie, made cookies for a snack and baked a cheesecake for dessert tonight. Am not hungry at all so I'm very happy with that :)


Never Ever Give Up!
I've created an album under my profile albums so you can have a look at them there :)
ohh your cheesecake sounds good Mirjam!! I'm starting attack on Monday when i've been on a shop to fill me fridge freezer full of 'dukan friendly' food! I'm going to be on attack for 3 days.. cooking from scratch here i come!! I have a feeling this is going to be interesting ha ha x
Is bicarbonate of soda the same as baking powder? And is it ok to use to make the oat bran cookies during attack? I need something sweet and can't face anymore splenda in Greek yogurt!! Thanks x x x

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