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Attack of the insecurities, bf's ex is really skinny!

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OMG, sounds so stupid when I write it down but have had such an attack of the insecurities, have just met/bumped in to my bf's ex, the one he always goes on about and she's really slim.
I know one day I'll get there too but really... what IS he doing with me when he could be with her?
Sorry having a girlie moment!
Suzie P
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She may be slim but....

1) She's crap in bed
2) She's got terrible BO
3) Her mother is a nightmare
4) She's *****y and unfriendly
5) She's not got any of her own teeth

They split up for a reason. She may be ex, but you are current. Current wins!


Shut up Ethel
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Some people are pretty on the outside and very, very ugly on the inside. there's a reason she's an EX......! Shocker I know but thin aint everything.


WILL be Slim!
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and ex is that for a reason hun!
You may never know why he is with you....but he makes a daily choice to be with you....and only you! That has to stand for something!


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He's with you for a reason, and i'd bet my last £ it aint because of 'size'

Fact is he aint with her anymore and believe it or not, men (in general) are NO way as shallow about weight as we are, trust me!
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She may be slim but....

1) She's crap in bed
2) She's got terrible BO
3) Her mother is a nightmare
4) She's *****y and unfriendly
5) She's not got any of her own teeth
That made me smile.


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Don't stress hon! anyway, you have a BMI of 24.9 which means you have the perfect BMI! hurrah for you :) (btw, just read that back, sounds sarcastic but promise it isn't x) She probably looked at you and thought 'oh my god she's really pretty/tall/slim/has lovely skin/great hair etc' and as the other ladies have said, he chooses you. I think we all suffer from these type of things. As Guru said, all of the above. xx
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You're not big at all! You're in a healthy weight range. I doubt anyone would look at you and think that you were big.


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Totally agree with all the above, it's very hard some days I know, and I also know my fiance's ex is dieting too, so I'm on a race to beat her too, keep seeing pics and thinking am I slimmer than her or is she slimmer than me? Is she prettier than me?
Also, we have a baby together, so some days I just can't be bothered to do the whole make up thing, but she always looks glam! And that makes me feel insecure, but these ladies are right, yours (and mine) bf are with us because they choose to be and want to be - so chin up hun, you're beautiful as you are, and I bet he will say that! xx

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