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Attacked on my own home


Really wants to be thin!!
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I was attacked in my own home on sunday nite by 2 masked men who held me up against my hall wall with a hammer to my throat and i was terrified, one of them was going to hit me over the head with it and i honestly believe i was about to be murdered, i have completely went off plan and am living on tablets and complete crap, so far ive ate about 15 pancakes, 4 cheesecakes, lots of alcohol etc, i feel so bad now but my nerves are completely shot, what will i do? I know im going to have a gain on tuesday and to be honest i couldnt care less, feel like just giving up as ive just lost all my personality and i dont even wanna leave the house or stay in the house on my own or go anywhere on my own never mind go to group anymore, what should i do, will i just try and stick to the plan at home?
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I'm in shock after reading this, you poor poor thing..you must still be so scared. Is there anybody that you can talk to about getting some counselling?. It's probably going to take a while so look after yourself.
If you still want to go to the meeting, is there somebody that can go with you. Can you ring your class leader to explain..maybe she/he could meet you a little earlier than normal, if you want to avoid a crowd?.
I hope you are able to get in contact with somebody you can talk to.

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This is terrible! My thoughts are with you.
I would urge you to get some help, someone to talk to. Victim support is very good in these situations. Look after yourself please and keep talking to us. :grouphugg:
What Leanne said get some support, that is so so horrific. My thoughts are with you X


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You sound very traumatised (no surprise). Some people develop a post traumatic stress disorder after such an event. Go and see your GP and see if he/she will refer you to get some professional support, to nip it in the butt before it gets any worse. Victim support, as mentioned before is also a good option. Until then, is there somebody you can stay with or somebody who can stay with you? I can only begin to imagine how you feel.
Hugs, Jill xx


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That's shocking! I can't believe that happened to you. It's just awful. They have robbed you of so much! I have never been in that situation so cannot even begin to imagine what you should do now. My instinct would be to try and get to class - the text to your C is a good idea so you don't have to be there when it is busy. But I think the most important thing you can do know is to speak to someone who can help you through this.


Really wants to be thin!!
S: 17st1.5lb C: 14st2.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 2st13.5lb(17.33%)
4lb gain this week thanks to them thugs so depressed!!! Thanks everyone xoxo
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omg Im so so sorry to hear about what has happened to you. Sending you huge :grouphugg:xxxxxxxxx


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Mumlisa - the weight gain is a step back but you have taken back control by going to class now. I'm not sure what the right words are - but I'm very proud of you for getting to your weigh in. Hope that doesn't sound too corny.


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Sending you massive hugs honey. I cant imagine what you must be feeling right now and I dont blame you for going off plan. I think you need to take some time and try to get your head straight, Call your GP.. Ask family to take you if you dont like going by yourself?

Everyone here at minimins is here for you if you want to talk to anyone

Good luck babe xxx


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hi hun sorry for what u've been through :hug99: it will take a while to get over it's a big shock to ur system u might feel like ur life has been turned upside down but hopefully with help u will get through this and i hope they catch the b*****ds xx

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